Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Summer Daze

Tuesday 7th January to Wednesday 15th January 2014

Diane might have her countdown on facebook which is keeping track of the number of days until I come back, but I have my own – how many days until the heat disappears.

Tuesday 14th – 43.0C and relative humidity of 10-15% - very hot and dry

Wednesday 15th – 41.9C – so a bit cooler, which was a great “relief”.

And overnight the minimum was 29.2C

Don’t anyone dare say that it was nice warm weather –there is nothing b____y nice about it – it is the type of weather where the windows and doors are closed early; the curtains and blinds the same; and then about mid-morning the air-conditioning goes on and stays on –it is a cave-dwelling hibernation existence. And you definitely do not want to go outside at all.

We did manage to get out on the weekend when the weather was definitely more reasonable and way down below the “let’s fry some eggs on the bonnet of the car” temperatures.

Saturday was a pleasant visit to the Victoria Markets where it is just a delight to simply wander around and take in the sights, the sounds and the smells – of course there are things to buy as well, which is exactly what I did.

The familiar facade - only ever seems to change from a paint job

Beautiful leafy Elizabeth St - trams and traffic together

Fresh fish everywhere....

... and shoppers....

... and our favourite deli - love to sample Dianne's Delights,
but don't tell my Diane

...fruit and vegetables as well

and a Melbourne icon - hot jam donuts - any time of the year
but especially on your way home after the football
Sunday was a lovely drive up the highway to Geelong –Victoria’s 2nd city – for lunch with Brenda. A view over the bay from a shaded verandah at the restaurant made for a very enjoyable way to spend time over lunch. Sam had recovered from her jetlag and joined us, as did Gail, a friend that Brenda brought with her.

A stroll along the waterfront rounded off a lovely day.

oh my goodness gracious, a marina - what I wouldn't give...

just to be by the water

There are quite a number of these carved and painted characters
along the foreshore in Geelong

But for now it back to the heat, some measure of sleepless nights and looking forward to getting back to cooler/colder weather – oh and back to the missus too!!


  1. Photos from home!! Awesome! Not jealous of that heat though,

  2. 'Twas just as hot today - 42.8C and predicted to be 44C tomorrow. Just had a thunder storm and plenty of rain - but all it has done is make increase the humidity.

  3. oops, you spoke too soon: you sure don't need another jumper this week. Hot up here too and I have to wear a uniform to work, travelling everywhere- so not impressed :( Wouldn't it be good if the fat cells dripped off too ha ha ha. Better check the bosses shopping list or you will be in big trouble if you miss anything, there again shes probably forgotten what was on it ha ha ha Soon you will be reunited :) have a safe trip. Love Vivienne