Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Australia Day Holiday

Monday 27th January 2014

We don’t actually acknowledge Australia Day on the actual day, but instead always wait for the public holiday – this is the Monday after the 26th January (unless the 26th is a Monday).

With deference to the original Australians, this remains one of the two days of the year that we generally celebrate being Australian and the sooner that all Australians are happy with a date for national celebration then the better for all.

The other day being Anzac Day which is a remembrance of the veterans of all wars.

Of course, any time that we beat the Poms at any sport (especially cricket) is reason enough to have a party.

This year the flags and bunting were out again in force and anyone near the main cedar hut who wasn’t quite sure why we would have been there would have been left in no doubt at all.

It was wonderful to see so many there – most of the usual suspects and a few others – all embracing the spirit of the Southern Cross and the joy of being an Australian (or even a temporary Australian) for the day.

The masterpiece of the day - many many thanks to Roly - you
can consider yourself and honorary Australian - can't be fairer than that

The gang's all here

"Aussie" Bev

Without Elaine and Mick - the remainder of the Australian contingent
Our happiness was complete when Paul arrived and was able to announce that Elaine was doing really well and that the operation had gone as well as the surgeon had hoped.

As a semi-darkness descended late in the afternoon we reluctantly transformed the hut back to its original self and departed – all ready for their next dose of Vegemite sandwiches; Anzac biscuits; and fine Australian wine.

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