Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Dumbass Marina Management

Monday 10th March to Tuesday 18th March 2014

There have become an increasing number of reasons why we do not favour returning to Aston Marina in the future and this week added yet another one.

The level of management expertise here extends just as far as any family contact – if you aren’t part of the family structure then forget it.

The great pity with this is that there isn’t a great deal of ability in handling customers – and that is what each and every moorer is – a customer – and listening to problems that they have.
Any question about a change is instantly greeted with a defensive position rather than a proper explanation.
The latest was  “why food and drink from the bistro was no longer being served on the outside deck overlooking the marina?” – the reply from someone who should know better aka A__x – “We are not interested in chasing after anyone who wants a ₤2 cup of coffee”
We did notice a lot of people just simply leave after having to take out their own coffee and realising that there would be no hot food available for them to eat in the bright sunshine.

Prior to that was a polite enquiry about getting a person from the workshop to help remove the sliders on the hatch – 3 weeks and no response – probably too small a job for them to be interested in doing (at all).
They seem to be only interested in anything that pays ₤’000s – like painting a boat rather than simple everyday boating work – the upshot then is if you ask someone else to come in and do the work, they need all sorts of insurance and have to pay the marina for the right to come and do work that they themselves are not interested in doing.

Would I recommend the marina to someone to moor there? – probably not – and only because of the management of the marina – I have to reiterate a previous statement – the boats are the entertainment for the other customers.

We are in saying goodbye mode – seemingly more farewells than Dame Nellie Melba – this week was going to be a last “early doors” – there will be more now; it was to be a farewell lunch with Phil and Lynn – we will be saying goodbye again soon; a last farewell to Roly and Bev when they left on Friday – we will still be here when they return.
Medical reasons have extended our stay but we will be leaving before April 10th (our paid-up-to date).
It will allow us to complete a few more jobs that have been sidetracked as we found more important things to do.
Firstly there was match between Man United and Liverpool to see – Joan. Jim, Paul and I went along to see a 3-0 win to Liverpool – MU play like rubbish, but the atmosphere was unbelievable.
A trip up to Northumberland has commenced and we are thoroughly enjoying the time together with Dot and Gordon and also with Elaine and Paul and soon to be Sue and Andy – all of the gang will be back together.

The trip up was uneventful, apart from seeing the tailend of Paul and Elaine – well at least the motor home – we found the house OK.
our residence for this week

....and the view....

...and the boudoir
The countryside is magnificent in a wind-swept, bleak and cold way that could easily be associated with a Jane Austen novel.

all the dogs were in the back - they had to put up with Paul

Haltwhistle station

waiting in the rain

Newcastle station

in the pub

and lunch

Today is was off to Newcastle to have a bit of a look around – don’t let anyone put you off visiting this famous northern city – it will be on our list of must-re-visit places.
We had some lunch; wandered around a bit; managed to see the Millenium Bridge (footbridge) open up – pretty impressive.
"Sydney Harbour Bridge" look-alike

The Millenium Bridge upright - behind the statue
and opened

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