Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Passage of Time and Farewells

Monday 24th February to Saturday 1st March 2014

Two months of the year gone already – the passage of time seems to be a bit relative at times – sometimes we want it to go slowly and not to see it pass too quickly especially when we are enjoying ourselves; at other times it is seen as the barrier to getting to other enjoyable pastimes.

Over-winter mooring is a bitter-sweet time; we all want to be cruising but can’t – maybe because of canal closures; maybe because we like the security that the marina provides in the cold months; maybe we just enjoy the company of friends.

For us it probably has been a bit of all three – we wouldn’t have been able to move far anyway.

We are feeling the improved confidence of trying life outside on the cut during the winter.

There has been much discussion this week about our planned movements and the timing of our individual escapes from Stalag Camp AM.

It has been a week of reflection on a winter of highs and lows – for us personally, it was pretty hard being apart for two months; it was mighty good to be back together; Diane became a lot more proficient in looking after the boat; she knows a few more pubs; emptying the cassette toilet has become a “pink” job; we have both had a wonderful time sharing time with friends.
The more time that you share with people, the better that you understand them and more that you know you will miss them when they/we depart.
The corollary is also true – the less time that people want to spend with you, the harder it is to understand the things that they do – sometimes they simply do not enjoy your company – each to their own.
There's always one !

Jim and Elaine

The fish pie was superb

So with people starting the exodus and we ourselves in the final stages of plans we will have a little comfort in knowing that some of us will be meeting up again in a few weeks and others we will see out on the cut.

In particular we will miss Dot and Gordon who have been wonderful to both of us and in particular to Diane whilst I was away; Elaine and Paul have been stoic in their determination over a hard winter for them and for all of us – smiles and laughter have abounded in plentiful supply; Roly and the long-suffering Bev have made us laugh so very much – Roly, I say to you – I am glad that you have found your walking shoes –it means you can enjoy a few more drinks.
To Joan and Jim – thanks to you both for all the company and especially to Joan for such a wonderful job with the new curtains – our Old Trafford date awaits.
We eagerly await the return of Sue and Andy from their house-sitting duties (mind you, it is for their own house) in a week’s time. Their presence this winter has been a real bonus to all of us.
Sammie with tongue at the ready

The lovely wife of mine

the sisters

Sammie in the arms of "mum"

The sounds of the birds in the morning; the heat from the ever-increasingly present sun in the sky; the buds on the trees; and the longer daylight hours mean that it is days not weeks or months until we are all gone.

And finally to this morning and we bid farewell to Dot and Gordon as they started their cruise down to Stafford Boat Club and blacking their bottom.
It will only be a couple of weeks before we see them again anyway.
Escaping in the sun

...jealous - when can we go revoir

Their mooring spot on the pontoon was quickly occupied by Phillis Mae II.

Later we were off to the Farmers market in Stone; bought everything we needed, including a visit to Morrisons – ended up at The Royal Exchange and lunched with Lynn and Phil.
The enjoyment of a Saturday lunchtime drink and meal in a pub where you are known is something to experience and it was a comfortable way to end this week of upheaval.

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