Monday, 3 March 2014

No new hat yet!!

Sunday 2nd March 2014

After a phone call from our son last Sunday and some subsequent calls of our own, we can finally announce that we have a new daughter – Sara.

Whilst in Las Vegas on holiday in early January, they decided to get married.

Obviously we would like to have been with them to celebrate with them but circumstances meant that it was not possible.

We could not be happier for them and this step means that they have a greater chance of being able to be together in whichever country they are for a lot longer.

We love them both and are very happy for them.


  1. Congratulations on your expanding dynasty.. a toast to the happy couple at a suitable venue will be in order of course.

  2. The arrangements are being made as we speak, but because we have people from three continents to co-ordinate then it won't happen until later this year - at least we have the location - Dallas,Texas - we will become more familiar with the immigration and customs officers for the US.

  3. Hi Both
    Just to say great to see you again! & that Tony in his retirement has decided to continue with DamperVan blog! xx

  4. Julie, it was wonderful to see you both again and glad to see Tony looking so well - retirement is agreeing with him already. Please oh please don't leave him lists of things to do whilst you are out.
    Looking forward to breaking the shackles for the cruising season.