Monday, 2 June 2014

Change on the run

Sunday 1st June 2014

In perfect cruising conditions we faced the Hatton flight today and set off at a reasonable time - boats were moving down past the Cape this morning, but we hadn't seen any moving up - not a good sign when you are hoping to team up with someone.

Never-the-less we rounded the corner by the Saltisford Arm - no movement from there; one single boat moored on the right, but it was all locked up.

Into the first lock and we waited a few minutes but it looked like it would be a solo day for us.
The mountain of locks ahead winding its way in the corridor
between the trees - it seems never ending

Fortunately we had the locks in our favour for the first half dozen; we also alternated with each lock - one of opening the lock, the other taking the boat in; once the boat had risen we swapped and then repeated the process - Diane's knee was good with this and helped to even out the work load.
this pound was down quite a way - we stayed to the other
side without any problems

One of the problems with walking on your own -
there is no-one to give you rabbit ears - so Diane had to do
her own

We are getting closer to the summit

We met a couple of boats coming down and suddenly we only had 5 or 6 to go - and the lockies were there - they helped us through the remainder.
I never tire of this marvellous dragonfly sculpture - the other
good thing about this is that you know you are close to the top

We held up in the last pound whilst two boats came down - one of them being Waterway Routes. We spoke to Paul whilst friends took the boat through; he remembered seeing the boat and I just after we had bought her - accurately naming when and where - now that is a good memory.

He is readying to do the DVD on The Grand Union - that will be on the "to-purchase" list.

After that one last lock, we watered-up, emptied the cassette; moored up and headed back to the cafe for some lunch in the brilliant sunshine, along with so many others.
Last lock, no boats coming, time to chat with Terry - one of the
volunteers - they all do a fantastic job

We couldn't afford to relax too much - there was that fear of enjoying it too much and simply staying put - but we did stay long enough to formulate a change in the cruising plan.

Our original  intention was to go to Birmingham via the Lapworth Link, as we had done last year, but we will still be going that way but a detour down to Stratford-upon-Avon first - we have not been there by boat yet.

Who knows, we may find somewhere else to go to change the plans again?

8 Miles, 21 Locks, 1 Tunnel

Totals: 2526 Miles,  1855 Locks, 82 Tunnels, 32 Lift Bridges, 151 Swing Bridges


  1. Hi Ray This probably may not work but there is a river festival at Stratford on the weekend of 5th July-we have been a couple of times and will be there this year-good food/beer/music and fun-google Stratford River Festival for details
    NB Pendle Warter

    1. Thanks Richard,
      you are right, it probably won't work, but good to know for future reference
      hope all is well with you and Linda

  2. Stratford by boat is a must and I hope you are lucky enough to find a mooring in the basin. We went there last year and spent two nights in the basin and one on the river right opposite the theatre. We love it there. Good to see you, albeit very briefly at Foss Wharf on Friday - you are the first people to recognise us as fellow bloggers! Thank you. Jennie and Chris from nb Tentatrice.

    1. It was all too brief Jennie, as most lock encounters are, but as they say, we will meet again somewhere on the system.