Tuesday, 3 June 2014

No movement, no engine, No Problem

Monday 2nd June 2014

We had moored just short of Kingswood Junction - part of the reason being that we would be turning to head down to Stratford; the other being that there was a National Trust property - Baddesley - that we wanted to see.

The spot where we spent the night, whilst close to the rail line, did give us good exposure for the solar panels to do their job today and was close enough for the walk to see Baddesley.

We did need to run the engine for about an hour in the morning, so that the boatmaid could vacuum the boat - seems she has been getting a bit slack this last week - something to do with moving the boat and locks and visiting the pub.
But I got her back on the right end of the cleaning today (you just know that there will be retribution for these remarks somewhere down the line).

There was also the matter of hot water needed for a shower, so the hour was well utilised.

The rest of the day was with the sun and putting plenty of charge into the batteries which it did!

We headed off in search of the Heart of England trail, which we found, then lost and refound it, on our way through and around fields - some with big "ferocious" sheep in them.
always waiting for her to catch up

you can see how "nasty" these three are

St.Michael's church

I was sent off to investigate another gate - to make sure we
were still on the correct path

Baddesley is such a lovely property and a fine example of a 15th century home. The best way to explain is with the photos below.

this one is especially for Andy - who likes
a good Hoover 
not sure what type of bird it was - no doubt someone will let us know

Rather than a return journey through the fields, we opted for the more civilised exit via the road to bridge 66 and then along the towpath.

No sooner had we descended from road level to canal level than we came across a boat with a familiar name and a couple of friendly dogs on the back - it was No Problem - and we were initially greeted by Vic on the back and Diane coaxed Sue out to the cratch for a chat.
It was very lovely to finally get to meet two people, who to us, epitomise the very essence of this life that we have chosen. The easy nature of chatting with most people, but with a couple who you have known through their blog and shared their experiences.
Sue and Diane - they were able to stop chatting
long enough for the photo

We wished them good luck with their desire to get further south as soon as they can - it's where they want to be this year.

The homeward trek was all the more brighter for having met them both.

As we rounded the bend to see Ferndale just where we left her, it was good to be home; good not to have moved today; good to have batteries all topped - see no problem at all.

No travel today


  1. It's a chaffinch Ray. Looks like you had a wonderful day out! xxx

  2. Not a 15C cleaner... A beauty ... I think it's the Hoover 375 the second version of their junior model built from 1935 for the uk market only (never sold in the USA).

    The feathered animal is a Chaffinch


  3. Looks like a tit! I disagree with Undy its Hoover 385-2 with the side acting smega thruster!