Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Good News Day

Monday 16th June 2014

After a pretty good day yesterday I was looking forward to today - a rare weekday off work - so we put it to good use - slept in and a cup of tea in bed - Diane will be marking that one on the calendar.

She was in contact with Jan and Tom early to arrange lunch at the Slug and Lettuce - Happy Monday and 50% off.

Next we walked into New Street - who do we run into?  - Jan and Tom trying to escape the charity collectors, as we were as well.

Our first mission was to find the 3 Store to find out about our MiFi and could we upgrade to a model with the antenna connection - as our contract had not yet run its 2 years we could pay ₤84 but if we wait until December we could do it for free - OK that will be the case (we are away 3 of those months anyway).
But the really good news was that 3 have linked up with 11 other countries, so that we can use our UK MiKi overseas - in Australia and the US - without any additional charge.

Next it was across the mall to the EE store to find out about using Diane's phone overseas - no problem - a small separate charge and that can be done also.

By this stage it was time for lunch and we arrived a few minutes early; Tom and Jan not far behind - food was good, the conversation was much as boaters get involved in but very good all the same; the bill was very good ₤8.50 per head.
We did discuss some more interesting topics as well - Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILTR) and National Insurance Numbers (NINO).

Jan inspired Diane to do a bit more seeking out of what she needed to do to get a NINO and an interview has been arranged for the 30th June - so that will nearly be done.

Next Diane was determined to find out more about the ILTR via the ancestry visa that I currently have - some good news there and coupled with the information from Tom, we are on our way there as well.

Gee and to think I could have wasted a day off by staying in bed all day - you must be dreaming!

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