Sunday, 17 May 2015

By joves it's St.Paul's

Saturday 16th May 2015

Today was a bit of officially/unofficially back at work day as I  checked through the emails from the last week - just 120 to have to worry about.

But we still had items on the list of things to see - today it would be St.Paul's - we had tried a few times previously - some were abandoned due events being on at St.Paul's or too busy - the cathedral that is.
But today we were determined to finally see it all.

So back on the tube to get there - we are quite enjoying travelling on the trains (and buses).

Outside the cathedral there was a brasss band playing - not sure of the reason(s), but there would be a service of some description inside later on.

So on through the front doors and passed the front desk where we paid (2-for-1 again).

No photography allowed so naturally the cameras were all put away - eventually.

Whenever we visit a church we will light a candle for Lauren Daly - a lovely young girl who has rebounded from the terrible effects of a stroke in her 20's.
This time we lit more candles for Sam, Rebecca, Sara and Mitchell.

A selfie showing some of the ceiling,

This section of the church is truly spectacular

And the dedication to the US servicemen lost in Britain during WW II

A visit would not be complete without the climb up to the whispering gallery - just a few hundred steps up (same to come down as well)

After that initial climb it was only a 120+ steps to the next level - outdoors as well

And on even further it was another 150+ steps bringing it all to a total of around 500 steps

Back to ground level after a walk around the crypt and some lunch there as well, we enjoyed some of the sun outside and found another three (3) Shaun-the-sheep statues

Home was via the No.23 bus to Westbourne Park, but we did find a case of not seeing a bus for ages and then they all turn up --

This building had the inscription at the top as "Grand Trunk Railway" which only existed in North America, so no idea why it should exist in London.

By the time we were back on the boat, the wind had picked up a bit and it had got a bit cold, so once inside we remained there - the sun remained strong during the rest of the day and minimal engine running was required.

Another reasonable busy day again but very satisfying.

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  1. The corporate HQ of the Grand Junction Railroad was in London.
    Transport boy Paul