Friday, 15 May 2015

Services Day

Thursday 14th May 2015

The previous night we uuuhhmmed and aaahhhed about what we might do today and in the morning it was really decided for us - we did know that at some stage we would need to get water and to empty the cassettes; Diane had a load of washing to get done and the weather reports were all saying that it was going to be a good day to be indoors.
Well the clouds were hanging very low and looked quite heavily laden; so no time to waste - engine on, everything outside sorted and we headed over to the services point - which was just through the bridge.
Luckily it was empty, so we moored up quickly and with the water tank filling we disposed of the rubbish and emptied the 2 cassettes.
Diane already had the washing machine going before we had even left the Rembrandt Garden mooring.
This was the first time that we could check on the work that Warren had done on Tuesday - up until now it was just seeing how quickly the charging voltage got up; but this morning we could see from the word go that it was indeed working well - even on just low revs and no load - a winner.
The tap at this service block is so slow that by the time we had a full tank, the washing was all finished.
There was now a choice to make - do we cruise 2 miles to a winding hole to turn or simply reverse through the bridge back into Little Venice pool and turn there.
The rain, which had until then been just a sprinkling suddenly got a bit heavier - no contest - reverse through the bridge hole - a wide beam approaching from the west meant that we couldn't hang around and so it was completed rather quickly and fairly easily - though I did have to wait for the said wide-beam to pass before I could fully turn.
Moored up again safely from whence we had come, the rain got heavier still and we decided that was enough for the day.
The temperature had plummeted somewhat and with a lounge full of wet clothes we lit the Reflecs to both warm ourselves and dry the washing.

We did venture out to have a look in Paddington Basin for any empty spaces - alas there were none - a coffee on the way back was the extent of being outside for the rest of the day.

The rain continued for the rest of the day and the night; we were cosy warm; there was some football on; we watched more episodes of Spooks to catch us up.

A very nice day of rest and relaxation.

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