Sunday, 31 May 2015

We have the power!

Friday 29th May to Sunday 31st May 2015

A couple of nice relaxing days at Alperton was what we needed - Diane has not been feeling the best - her asthma has surfaced and she is not doing too well as a result.
For anyone who thought that these house-boats never move - this one did -
admittedly not under it's own power!

It generally takes her a few weeks to get over it fully; it is imperative that in that time that she does not get a cold as well, so with warm weather we are fine.
Diane particularly liked this evening shot - I have to agree with her

We  didn't do much at all during Friday and Saturday - a walk down to Halfords for oil and Wickes for a drill extension to clean the Reflecs (thanks to Tom's sugestion on nb Waiorou).
Back to the boat and a general engine and battery check was all we did for Saturday morning.
These two boats cruised past whilst we were just doing not much at all

Diane had listed a Chinese luncheon - so back to our favourite East PanAsian Restaurant at Alperton - another excellent meal -highly recommend the chicken's feet.

We were back onto the boat to avoid the sudden drop in temperature in the afternoon; a few more sets from the French Open before we settled down to watch the FA Cup.

What an anticlimax it all was - Arsenal outplayed AstonVilla - I think the witches hats would have done better.

Over the last week or so we had recorded a few programs and we managed to catch up on some of these on Saturday night before finally saying it was time for bed.
Thought the days of horse-drawn boats were gone - but here, on the roof, the
hay was ready.

Sunday morning comes along; we have a need/plan to move - what happens - it has rained virtually all night and pretty heavy in the morning - aaarrrrggghhh!!!!

Anyway, after breakfast it starts to ease off and eventually it stops completely - hooray.

Not long after 10am we head off; Diane is confined to indoors on my orders - for once she obeys - I suspect it is only because she had the washing machine going and she could keep an eye on it - I don't care why she agrees but it is better for her indoors where it is warmer than outside where it is weather for cows.

We need to empty a couple of cassettes and fill the water tank - with a boat just starting to fill their water tank at the Little Venice services we reluctantly moor just in the narrow part by the bridge - empty the cassettes and dump the rubbish.

A wide-beam is waiting to come through but shows us another water point by the cafe boat so we basicallyswapplaces and they are on theirway and we are filling with water - the back section of the boat, which is open, is protected under the bridge, as it suddenly pelts down and continues to rain quite a lot - only easing and stopping when we have a fullwater tank and ready to go.

With the rain stopping, the temperature had also increased and Diane was able to sit outside and enjoy the Regents Canal - a lovely stretch in any location, but especially lovely in the centre of London.

Down through the fishbowl which is Camden Locks - the rain has reduced the normal crowds - we also took the opportunity by Bridge 27 to pull in, I held the boat (no where to tie up ropes) and Diane popped into Costa - why is there no cruise-through lane?

Onward to St.Pancras Lock - met up again with the commodore (we had seen him when we were last through there, a mere 9 days ago); we also saw nb Water Song who had breasted up with us in Paddington Basin - all-in-all we have now built a relationship with the commodore and a few suggestions from him may come in handy further down the line - the old adage "what goes around comes around" has appeared - I like to think that just being nice costs nothing.

Finally we made our way into Battlebridge Basin for our mooring at the London Canal Museum - you need to book it and arival time is around 4pm and you must be gone by 10am.

For ₤8 per night you get power as well - so someone (aka Diane) has been beating the hell out of the washing machine and the television.

We are comfortable ensconced here - a crowbar may be necessary to remove us - eventually.

When you have the power, you have the power!!

10 Miles, 4 Locks, 1 Tunnel
YTD: 395 Miles, 211 Locks, 9 Tunnels, 2 Lift Bridges, 11 Swing Bridges
Totals: 3289 Miles, 2332 Locks, 107 Tunnels, 36 Lift Bridges, 162 Swing Bridges

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  1. Hope that Diane is feeling better very soon. xx