Thursday, 4 June 2015

Mighty fine cruising days.

Wednesday 3rd June to Thursday 4th June 2015

The wind had died down; the sun was peeking around the clouds showing some blue sky as well; we had a pleasant quiet mooring - my, how things change in just 24 hours.

In about 45 minutes we made the short trip down through the two remaining locks and the 1 mile left - and we were into Limehouse Basin - seems like we were here just 12 days ago.

As soon as you leave the lock there is no clear line of sight to the moorings and we again had a chance to admire some of the boats that were here before and were here now - would be great to have one of those - and there are a few large dutch barges here for me to salivate over.

As soon as we rounded the last of the intervening yachts we could clearly see that there was just a single narrowboat on the moorings - so plenty of room for us to moor up.
Just one other boat on the moorings

As the day went along the moorings remained with just the two boats here.

The sun was still shining brightly after we were all settled and it was just appropriate that we take advantage of it - a lovely stroll along the Limehouse Cut and then back down along the waterfront - just in time to drop into The Grapes for a drink and lunch.
We weren't the first through the door when it was opened but we were the first to order drinks - not sure that I have been in that position ever before - Diane has been a bad influence on me today - dragging me along to the pub.
A drink at lunchtime ? - well why not with the sun and the river

With another Anthony Gormley statue  - that would be the figure on the right

It was however lovely to sit out the back on the deck overlooking the Thames - watching the tide coming in; watching the boats travelling along - some crawling along, some speeding along; the sun was still shining.

Lunch was ordered and very nice it was, but a bigger meal during the day and a couple of drinks does help to make you a bit more tired than usual.

This was evident later in the afternoon - the tennis was on the TV but there was someone with her eyes closed - she was continuing to enjoy the matches - well at least some of them.
After the tennis, time to enjoy more of the sunshine - on the roof

Come early evening and it was still very lovely outside - obviously a great time for a walk around - we went along the Thames going upstream and came across another river-side pub - The Prospect of Whitby - where our daughter Sam had worked some years ago.
The evening sun reflecting off Canary Wharf

Captain James Cook - a figure large in Australia's history

We found it strange to see a cement plant in the central part of London

If we thought that Wednesday was an improvement on Tuesday, then today was incredibly better.

The basin at Limehouse was like a mill pond - smooth, no wind, warming sun - we saw the advantage in an early start to the day - even before Diane had dressed, the boat was eased away from the mooring and gently pushed over to the services point - fill the water tank and emptying the cassette.
A perfect morning!

Still with a bright sun overhead we pushed forward down the Limehouse Cut - new waters again for us - until Bridge 6 the moorings were virtually full but after that we hardly saw a boat on the towpath side.
Most moorings were taken up closer to the Basin...

...but just around the corner it was empty.

We rounded the corner past where the Bow Lock takes boats down onto the Bow Creek (tidal waters); then onto Old Ford Lock - no chance to head towards the Olympic environs - it was firmly noted on signs that the canal was closed to all boats other than construction traffic.

Three Mills

The off-shoot canal down to Olympic Park...

...but no chance to explore.

After that we noticed an increasing level of weed along this section of canal/river (the river was touching in and out with the canal) and eventually we had managed to pick up enough that at Lea Bridge it was necessary for a weedhatch trip.
The irony of this delightful clearing exercise was that we were overtaken and asked were we OK, by the CRT Weed-cutter - nice one guys - a little earlier and it would have saved me some extra work.
Above Old Ford Lock - part canal and part river - and wide....

...with bloody weed - seems to be a "blue job" on Ferndale...

...then the weed-cutter comes along

almost the last in the series of boat names for people in the family.

Anyway we cleared the prop and followed behind the weed-cutter - we still managed to pick up more weed but surprisingly by Tottenham Lock a few hard reverse bursts managed to clear most of it.

Going through the lock managed to clear the rest of it and directly after it we decided that we had had enough - there were spaces available and after an initial grounding we managed to find a spot and called it a day.

As the tennis was starting late today we took a stroll into the shopping area for lunch and picked up some items that we needed.

The remainder of the day was spent with tennis and some work, but the sun remained and the sky was blue - is this a sign for summer ?

8 Mile, 4 Locks
YTD: 407 Miles, 221 Locks, 10 Tunnels, 2 Lift Bridges, 11 Swing Bridges

Totals: 3301 Miles, 2342 Locks, 108 Tunnels, 36 Lift Bridges, 162 Swing Bridges

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