Friday, 19 June 2015

Risky Business

Thursday 18th June 2015

Cupboards, closets, wardrobes, drawers, baskets, containers - every conceivable space is utilised for storage - it is amazing how we seem to find more ways of fitting more things into a smaller space.
In some cases we simply put it in and close the door hoping that the pressure doesn't build up enough to throw the door back at us; other times we have to drag everything out to find something that we know we have but it is right at the back.
There are the other times when we are looking in the cupboard and find something that we had completely forgotten about.

Just recently we have been going through the cupboards in the kitchen, checking to see exactly what we have stored at the very back and also in two large crates in there as well.
There have been a few treasures found - like the 8 cans of lager that had been forgotten (not any more); a couple of bottles of red wine (will be put to good use); but mostly we are finding 2 or 3 jars/bottles/cans of the same thing that we really do not need.
The dinner menus have become somewhat creative as the effort is being made to not waste any of this.

By and large this has been successful and we are whitling the stocks down; of course there are some things that take a bit longer to make it to the table.

Some of these items that we find hidden away have, of course, taken time to find their way into the cupboards - it is at this point I should say that we have been taking note of the "Best Before Date".

For Diane, the BBD is something that is like an advisory note; like driving along and the sign advises slowing down or a certain speed for the next bend, so consequently I remain a little apprehensive when the year is 2014 and downright terrified when it says 2013.
But Diane views it as weight-loss eating plan.

Still I am here and well - although my clothes are starting to feel a bit loose and I need more reading material for the little room.

By the way, we didn't move today - we have a nice mooring at the junction and 100m away is an Elsan point - who knows how quickly you could fill 3 cassettes.


  1. Diane is right, a best before date actually is only an advisory note. Anything that deteriorates so badly that it might do you harm has a use by date, and they should be taken seriously.

  2. I too largely ignore Use By dates, regarding them as advisory, and simply a ploy to increase food sales (and food wastage) and have heard many people express the same opinion. And Best Before End ... well largely ignorable. If it looks Ok, smells OK and a small bit tastes OK, then I usually go for it, with a bit of thought as to what the diary has for the days ahead, there are times when a stomach upset is most inconvenient. A few months back, I 'tidied up' (i.e. ate) a tin of fruit BBE some month in 2014, except when the fruit was gone and the tin being washed for recycling and I had my glasses on, I notice it was a smudged end digit, the BBE being some month in 2011. The fruit might have been best in 2011, but it still tasted OK in 2015! And I'm still here to type this!

  3. Diane is right - BBDs are simply advisory ... I am sure your weight loss is more due to abstemiousness than food poisoning. So well done on making your clothes fit better!
    Cheers, Marilyn x

  4. Thanks guys, but it was all a bit tongue-in-cheek and started from a conversation that I was having with our son Mitchell. I know that the BBD is advisory but it just got me thinking about what someone might really think if they took them a bit serious!