Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Yes, the eating plan is going well - thanks for asking.

Tuesday 16th June 2015

We had agreed on the weekend that we needed to get back into the swing of eating more healthy; cutting out the snacks; and the alcohol (empty calories).

So what do we do on the first day - yesterday - have a meal out - not too bad, but a glass of wine each - admittedly it was red and that seems to help Diane's diabetes - we don't know why but it does.

The bad part of this wasn't that meal, it was that we decided to return and have breakfast this morning - but it was so nice - and none of your healthy stuff either - except for my vegetarian one which was almost recommended eating.

I think what it did do was it made sure that we didn't want to eat too soon after that and of course gave us energy for the locks - it's a theory !

So we moved off the mooring at Bishop's Stortford and retraced part ofour travels from last Sunday we had already decided that we would moor at Sawbridgeworth for the night - a quick 2 hour cruise (with locks).

By the time we arrived the sun was well and truly beating down, so no argument about it - the washing line went up, the washing was hung out and we relaxed inside - working and reading -you have to guess who did what.

As the heat started to lessen we ventured out for a walk up into the town and we were quite surprised by the extent of the shopping area - a large number of shops with a bit of variety as well.
It said Burton Mill and we could see where the wheel used to be

The crest of the town very much on display

Not the only one we saw as we wandered around

Just over the doorway is 1601 AD - just love to see these
old dates

This would have been our pub of choice if we were having a drink but sadly
we were not

The thing that I find with a lot of these places that we stop at - the ones that are bigger than villages but smaller than towns is that whilst most would have never heard of the place, there does seem to be an awful lot of people who actually live there.
There is nothing wrong with that, it is simply a comment that there doesn't appear to be any small inhabited places around.

A far cry from some places in Australia, where you could drive through and if you blinked you would have missed it.

Anyway we were suitably impressed with it, but will not be testing either the Indian or Chinese restaurant, nor any of the cafes or pubs, but Diane has seen a couple of things that she may go back to look at again in the morning.

4 Miles, 4 Locks
YTD: 437 Miles, 252 Locks, 10 Tunnels, 2 Lift Bridges, 11 Swing Bridges

Totals: 3331 Miles, 2373 Locks, 108 Tunnels, 36 Lift Bridges, 162 Swing Bridges

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