Friday, 4 September 2015

A different sort of week

Sunday 30th August to Friday 4th September 2015

Well after a couple of weeks of fairly lengthy travelling the boat has been in the same spot all week.

Diane decided that we should have a bit of a walk down along the tow path - she had wanted to see if she could find nb Serafina (Rachael and Kelvin) - she knew they were in the area.
The rain made it a case of a take the umbrella with you kind of walk. I did ask her what the colour of the boat was - easier given the rain to look for a colour than necessarily try to read all of the names - the reply was "a red one".
Didn't see a red boat corresponding to the name and we reached bridge 154 and there was nothing further on.
mmm- she loaded their blog to see if they were where we thought - I caught sight of the picture of their boat - not exactly red - from the small picture on the phone it looked dark blue - that shed a whole different light on it, so we back tracked and found it - it was actually a darkish green.
It  didn't matter, they weren't there anyway - later knowledge told us that they had actually done the same to find us - and we weren't there either.

We did enjoy a lovely Sunday roast at The Steam Coach which is just along in St.John's Road - very nice indeed - on the Wrenbury scale it was an 8 out of 10

Again we were quite lucky to have a cricket match going on right opposite the pub, so we finished our drinks sitting outside at the pub but able to watch and afterwards just strolled across the road to see it just that bit closer.

Monday was a pretty casual day - my last day of leave from work so we explored a bit and had lunch out again - this time we found the 'spoons which appears to have manifested itself in the old picture theatre - not the first we have seen thus transformed.

Tuesday it was back to work and it has been pretty much that for the rest of the week - catching up on emails and things that customers want.

Strangely, as I was coming back from Aldi where there were a few things needed to reinstate into the kitchen I managed to meet up with Kelvin and Rachael - they were just passing Ferndale so there was a bit of a chance to have a chat - not long enough really, but there will be sometime in the future.

Next year we will enjoy a drink together - good travelling you two.

The rest of the week has been a bit full on with work and not much else until today when I managed to get a few jobs completed on the boat that had been on the list and also got around to an engine oil change - always happy to get that done.

So now it is time to sit down and relax and ready oneself for the weekend.

I shall update with some photos tomorrow - hopefully.

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