Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Meine Frau sagt, mürrischen alten Mann

Sunday 20th September to Wednesday 30th September 2015

There hasn’t been a great deal of travel happening right at the moment, despite the weather being really very good; it has just been so easy to sit where I am and do not much at all – that is if you call working and crossing items off a list not doing anything.

So, what have been the highlights over this last week or so –

No one would really believe me at all if I was to say shopping for shoes – not that is if you knew me at all – I absolutely hate any form of shopping involving any type of apparel, and in this case the shoes were not even for me.

Diane thought that it might be a great idea to surprise Sam, our daughter, by getting her a pair of brogues here in London and post them back – Sam had seen Diane’s and was a bit envious – not of the black and white colouring but just the style.
So armed with the size and style I headed over to the Clark’s outlet at London Design Outlet beside the Wembley stadium.
Of course, the information that I had was incomplete to get anything.

Even after Diane now discussed it with Sam the original criteria had changed, so a second trip was required and this time – still no luck – not the style, not the size – just not the shoes in stock.

The second event of any note was almost being punched by a pregnant woman – well girl at least.

Diane will tell you, if you ask her, that I do not tolerate people walking along playing with their mobile phones – its OK if they are actually talking on them using them as a phone – but these days it is the texting whilst walking that leads to problems.

Anyway where there are lots of pedestrians and little room to move, I value the space of walking in a straight line and others move to the other side.
Anyone coming the other way that is not concentrating on where they are going suddenly is confronted by yours truly who simply stops and waits for them to react.
On this occasion it happened to be a pregnant girl – probably no more than 18 – but these days to me they are all young.
So she is walking along, texting, plenty of other people around so am I going to inconvenience them by having to dodge this girl so I plant the feet and stop – she keeps walking straight into me and seems to expect an apology.
Words along the lines of “you should get out of the way of a pregnant person” “why are you such an ars___le?” “you old fart”
Were replied with “you look more like you have eaten a few packets of chocolate biscuits than pregnant” “you should be watching where you are walking instead of playing games on your phone” and “If you are pregnant then I pity the baby – IQ is inherited – yours is starting from a low point”

With that I walked on, smiling all the way – she was left with a couple of people having a bit of a giggle at her expense.

I did however bring the boat down from Cassiobury Park to Croxley and have enjoyed three days here without having to run the engine at all.

The sun and solar panels were cooperating and the thinking is that one more day here will do just fine before the exhausting trip down to Rickmansworth and after that it will be further south.

I was up early the other morning – Tuesday, I think – to see the “super moon” but the pictures didn’t turn out that great.

The countdown has now reached 30 – just a month to go.

I think that she is having a bit of fun there -

That's right dear - make the old girl stand

yet another selfie

with the pool in the background

Did someone say cake?

...what and cider as well - she may not want to come back
My wife says Grumpy Old Man

3 Miles, 6 Locks
YTD: 812 Miles (1307 km) , 514 Locks, 14 Tunnels, 11 Lift Bridges, 16 Swing Bridges

Total: 3706 Miles (5964 km) , 2635 Locks, 112 Tunnels, 45 Lift Bridges, 167 Swing Bridges

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