Saturday, 5 September 2015


Saturday 5th September 2015

Parents are justifiable proud of their kids as they grow up, but it gets a bit scary when they hit milestone birthdays, but Diane and I are both very proud of our daughter Sam as she now celebrates her 30th birthday.

It is meant to be a time when someone finally becomes a bit more serious but we cannot see that happening any time soon.

She started off as such a lovely child...

...we knew that she had some coordination problems...

....we knew that she was one of the kids ...

...and a bit on the beautiful side...

She appears to have inherited the "whacky" gene - mainly from her mother

and sometimes she does have the "never-growing-up" side to her

but we do love her so very much

So, Sam enjoy today and tomorrow and then the day after that and on and on, for life was meant to be enjoyed

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