Sunday, 16 June 2013

Give me work or give me....more work!!

Thursday 13th June to Sunday 16th June 2013

As of close of play this evening the boat is a lot closer to all of the work being finished – we have now completed the windows on the starboard side with the two portholes out and back into place in the one day.

Two windows out..

...a little surface rust..

...inside it looked pretty good...

...and the finished article

The inside staining and varnishing of the bulkheads in the lounge and kitchen are completed as well as the new exposed areas after the kitchen renovations from last December.

Stain going on the bulkhead..

..and a little on the t-shirt as well

not sanding the splnters off the toilet seat - this is the inside
part of the port hole
We have been able to get this all done by working equally hard on it all – not sure that it could have been done any other way – no grumbles and no arguments and still managed to get some other paying work done; a walk into Stone on Saturday; time out for coffees on the deck and generally having a good time getting it all done.

So now we only have to change sides of the pontoon tomorrow so that we can commence on the port side windows and the front and back doors.

The weather has been pretty good this last few days and today has been a bright and sunny day – just as well as we needed the heat to dry the paintwork before putting the windows back in – I think that we have this process down pat now and looking forward to the work for the next week.

in the midst of all of the work we had Fred...

...and Ginger...

...and the kidnets come by for lunch

We also have Chris Jones the engine mechanic back again to take the gear box away to check on the driveplate and hopefully find an intermittent shuddering problem.

Fingers crossed for that and for the weather to continue as it has been.

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