Saturday, 8 June 2013

Time to relax a bit (for some!)

Friday 7th June 2013

Today was the first chance to resume to some degree of normality and not have to go rushing off cruising.

Diane was comfortable in bed with her coffee and magazines and phone to read all of the blogs; I was comfortable at the table getting on with work; the dog was comfortable on the bed snoring away -  as he does.

A latish breakfast and after a bit more work we ventured up to the shopping area at Festival Park to pick up a few things from the supermarket – we seem to always have more in the bags than is on the list – how does that happen?

The Toby Carvery beckoned us after the first set of the men’s first semi-final in the French Open and we felt quite relaxed when we returned.

The cratch cover was raised and Diane was able to fully enjoy the sunshine whilst still being able to watch the tennis; cider in hand; she was in heaven.

Meanwhile the chores of the engine bay awaited and as I had neglected the usual routine last week it was a necessity to be done – a little water in there which was quickly removed; oil levels OK; water OK; batteries just needing a little top up.

After that it was a little more work, a little tennis and suddenly the day was almost gone – it really is quite easy to see the hours vanish before you even realise it – what a life this boating carry on is – certainly a lovely day to enjoy it as well !

No travel today

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