Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Windows Done !!

Monday 17th June to Wednesday 19th June 2013

Woo hoo! Finally finished all of the windows and now hoping that they do not leak with the rain that is heading our way.

With a great deal of motivation (read as nagging) from Diane they are all done and I can cross that job off the list – she has even said I can have a short rest from boat work – I think it amounted to a few hours of peace.

What’s the next job?  I haven’t been advised (read as told) yet.

Some more good news yesterday – Chris Jones our engineer came by to have a closer look at the engine and try to determine the problem causing the intermittent shuddering – he is pretty sure that it can be put down to an out of alignment shaft, which has now been re-aligned – fortunately the coupling did/does take up a fair amount of misalignment without causing any problems, but with it now being made right it should not give us any problems – he also replaced one of the mountings which had taken a lot of the strain.

So now all we have to do is go out cruising to test the engine – but with the next four days looking wetter rather than dry and sunny, there is not much chance of that happening.

We did venture into Stafford on Monday to get a few things – managed to get most of what we wanted and noticed a few changes around the town – it did seem such a long while since we had been there.

We will continue to enjoy the last remnants of sunshine today before it goes for a while.

Today Diane had the need to spend some money at the supermarket in Stone, so rather than walking into town she hitched ride with Joyce and Ray on nb Jemma who were going out for a few weeks – they were heading northwards, so Diane said she would set the locks for them and asked if she could travel with them – no problems.

Coming home, she had walked just a short distance when Jo (nb Gentle Presence) stopped to pick her up and bring her back – so there didn’t appear to be a lot of exercise in that trip into Stone and then back again.

No travel

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