Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sure I’d love to talk to you, but can’t you bloody well wait a bit

Thursday 20th June to Saturday 22nd June 2013

Not a great deal has happened since finishing the blessed windows – thankfully – I think that it has coincided with the discovery that there was coverage of the tennis at Eastbourne.

She did manage another trip to the supermarket – this time it was Aldi’s turn to share in the spending – but it was carefully planned to avoid clashing with the tennis.

Meanwhile I did get some work done.

We have been working out times and dates for my flights back to Australia in November – which entailed getting some ideas from Trailfinders in Birmingham – they have come up with a package, including an internal flight, which is cheaper than we can find on the net.

We don’t mind travelling on the trains and as the trainline runs alongside the canal into Birmingham – even better – so it was a chance for a bit of a day out.

It is now the case that whenever the sun comes out or even if it is just a bright day (with clouds) we look at the list of things that we have to do for the boat and get stuck into it – Saturday it was the turn to take everything off the roof and give it a really good clean – that was Diane’s job – she enjoys mucking around with soapy water.

I was left inside to take care of putting the last of the curtains back after they had been washed and also to put up a new blind in the kitchen – all completed and a bit more of the clutter removed.

Halfway through all of this there was a sudden noise from the roof – Diane – and I rushed outside – the plank and broom head had been blown into the water from the pontoon – fortunately the plank floated – not so for the broom head.

So my thoughts were all about getting the plank out if the water, whilst a bloke off a boat which was in for a few days thought that I might be more interested in hearing about his theories on how I should store that power cable from the electricity outlet to the boat – sure I would like to know all about that, but I am more occupied with retrieving the stuff in the water before it disappeared – couldn’t he see that? – not on your life and kept going on – thought that our power usage would be high because the cable was coiled a bit too much – it was pleasing to say to him that we were in fact using less power than ever before.

Sadly, I couldn’t even blame it on him being a Pom – he sounded suspiciously like a Kiwi.

Gladly, he finally moved along – was it something is said (or didn’t say) or was it me just ignoring him after a while.

I don’t mind talking to anyone, but there is a time to consider which is more important.

At any rate, the plank was rescued; Diane was able to finish washing the roof; and she then set about cutting and polishing the side of the boat to an almost mirror finish.

The rain later in the day confirmed the effort put in as all of the water beaded lovely and the shine remained.

No travel

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