Tuesday, 9 December 2014

And then we were stopped - just for an extra day

Monday 8th December to Tuesday 9th December 2014

After all of the excitement of finally getting back to cruising we needed to stay where we were - we didn't know why but we couldn't use our debit cards - it could have been quite embarassing when we were shopping, but the credit card still had some life left in it.
So we needed to see the back - they couldn't help as Lloyd's has split from TSB and the bank in Nantwich is TSB.

But not to be beaten, Diane had a sudden brainwave - check the expiry date - sure enough they had passed their "best before" date - at least that answered that.
So we will need to see if new ones have been sent toWatford.

Diane had spotted just a couple of small spaces that needed a bit of filling, so Sainbury's saw us again; at least the trolley was left behind.

The sun had been replaced by intermittent showers, which we managed to dodge; made it back to the boat just in time as usual - another heavier shower as we made into the back conservatory.

The rest of the day was completed with some work (for me) and soup-making and reading (for Diane) - but eventually it was just relaxing.

So after a slightly longer stop than we would have originally planned we were going to head off again.

There was a brilliant sunrise this morning - not really a good sign for the weather ahead for the day, but a sight to enjoy whilst it lasted.
Really a superb sunrise.

The morning was not that bad at all - just like any other cold day that we could experience any other time of the year - the air was cold in itself, but without any breeze it didn't matter; unlike other days the sun was hidden behind the clouds and did not show itself at all.

I think we have been quite fortunate with the weather - we have read reports of ice on the canal at Braunston, Stone and Milton Keynes - but none where we are - yet!!
It really was not this cold - there were thermals
underneath and two pairs of gloves on the hands.

There were a few others around with their fleeces on
- keeping warm.
Our end plan is Chester but we are not exactly sure when that will be, but immediately it was to fill the water tank; rid ourselves of the rubbish and empty the cassette - the services block was barely 100m away so no sooner had we started than we moored up again.

The water tap at Nantwich services is notoriously slow - we weren't hugely surprised by this morning's effort, but with no time issues it didn't matter too much.

Finally with everything done we were off for a second time - today's little journey was not too far and certainly would be free from locks - surprised that Diane had failed to offer to do them all for today.

I was trying to remember the last time that we had headed directly north past Barbridge junction towards Chester and have to conclude that it was April 2008 when we had a hire boat - so it cannot be said that this is a water-road frequently travelled - we have been to Chester just twice by boat - the train seems to be our preferred form of transport to get there.

For now however we are only heading as far as Calveley where we have moored up in a stretch of moorings that I would like to say are extremely popular at the moment, but since we are on our own, that would be slightly incorrect.

Diane got on with putting a few Xmas decorations up, although her intention a few days ago was not to bother - I think she was influenced by Andy's efforts on Festina Lente.

The tree is up as the stocking...

...and the lights as well

For me, it was an afternoon of work - I am convinced that I had the better deal.

5 Miles

Totals: 2853 Miles, 2071 Locks, 97 Tunnels, 34 Lift Bridges, 151 Swing Bridges

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