Saturday, 27 December 2014


Saturday 27th December 2014

It's amazing how quickly the day gets away from you. We still woke relatively early, early enough for Diane to be enjoying her coffee before 7am.

Our primary aim today was to move down through the Star Lock, fill with water; then wind and move back up through the lock.

This was all accomplished within an hour, but it wasn't made easy by CRT boats moored in the winding hole - I would hate to say it but people listen a lot more if you practice what you preach.
In the middle of the picture is the winding hole

...and CRT have moored their tug well into it,
just making it that much more difficult to turn

Anyway, that aside it was a little enjoyable cruise and it was a mighty fine morning to cruise - just a pity that we didn't want to go anywhere.

Once back and moored up, I decided to have a look at the tunnel light which had decided not to work about 2 weeks ago (before we came through the Harecastle).
I had previously tried to check the switch but of course when I took it out and then apart I lost a piece, which meant it wouldn't work anyway.

When we moored in Stoke earlier in the week we visited Halfords for a new switch and a new bulb assmebly - we got the new switch but found a twin headlight kit for just ₤8 - the bulb assembly was ₤5.49. 

The photos below show the differences.
This for ₤5.49

...or this for ₤8.00 - it's a no-brainer

As I was just getting into it we had a lovely visit from Roly and Bev - excellent time to down tools for a cuppa and a chat......and they brought some presents as well - lovely.

Bev was very excited and couldn't wait to tell us about the wonderful Xmas present that Roly had bought for her - a petrol generator - just what every girl wants.
(Pretty certain that Diane will wait for a diesel one!)

Before we all knew it the time had drifted onto noon and we all had a bit of shopping to get done.

Once we had finished buying what we could remember from the list we forgot to take with us and returned and then had some lunch, I recommenced on the tunnel light.
The best plan for me was to replace both the switch and the light bulb assembly and assume that the wiring in between was still OK.
Switch replaced and no luck - of course it wouldn't work - I had forgot that I had taken the bulb out to get a new one.
Armed with the new one and with a small amount of rain coming down, it was of with the headlight assembly, put in and connect the new bulb - amazingly the light came on - that's the problem with replacing the switch without on/off markings - it was in the on position-but what the hell - the bloody light worked and when I flicked the switch the light went off.

You little beauty!! That saved the price of an electrician.

Anyone with electrical problems - don't bother calling me - I just think it was beginners luck.

Then just after all of that was completed, a knock on the windowand it was Richard (nb Pendle Warter) taking the dog for a walk - stopped for a chat - just at the back of the boat - we haven't seen Richard for must be 12 months but good friends remain the same.

After saying goodbye to Richard we back on board when a strange lady with 2 dogs wandered past and at the same time there was a huge rocking of the boat at the rear end.
Of course the strange lady was Elaine and the rocking caused by Paul. They were on their way home from Milton Keynes and had texted to say that they would probably drop by.

So good to see them both and of course the boys as well - Bombo was growling, as he does, until he settled down and Sammie was busy exploring and jumping.

Next Xmas you are all invited to dinner with us on the boat, so there will be no discussions with anyone about where you need to go - it's an open invitation.

And you know you, we are just not sure what happened but it is now getting dark and weknow we have had a busy day, but it has been a most enjoyable one too

1 mile, 2 locks

Totals: 2894 Miles, 2121 Locks, 98 Tunnels, 34 Lift Bridges, 151 Swing Bridges

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