Tuesday, 16 December 2014

On the move again.

Monday 15th December to Tuesday 16th December 2014

It is always nice to have a car for a few days but it is also nice when you return it - simply you can be off again in the boat.

By the time I had returned, and for the first time Diane had readied the boat for the day - canopy down at the back and fastened securely; unmoored and moved the boat on her own; down to the Calveley services block; moored up; de-rubbished; de-toileted; and by the time I arrived, she was busy chatting up Bernie from nb Happy Soul - no, I mean, she was having a chat with him.
Everything done, I just simply came along and enjoy her handiwork.

The tap is notoriously slow here and so it took a little while, but once filled we were finally off.

The washing had practically finished by that time, so it meant that Diane could be inside where it was cosy warm and sort through all of that; I had just a little bit of cold air to deal with - it was essentially a mild cruising day.

Around the turn at Barbridge and slowly past all of those moored boats - not another one on the move.

Or so we thought.

I walked ahead from bridge 4 to Cholmondeston Lock and in that time a boat appeared behind us - so a virtual queue had sprung up.To compound it, as we were descending in the lock, there was a boat coming from below the lock - bloody heck, all these boats around, we thought it would be quiet.

Diane recognised the lady coming up to do the lock, but couldn't find a name, until we saw the boat nb Free - Carol and Dave - how could we not know - brief hello to Dave and we carried on - through the next lock -Church Minshull.
Church Minshull Lock

As we passed Aqueduct Marina, we were feeling a bit tired and virtually at the same time agreed on it, so we moored up just past the marina entrance. There was some rain not long after and some during the night, but it was a very quiet mooring - no sounds of cars, trains or planes.

During Monday I had phoned for Brian at Renaissance and spoke with Ann-Marie about getting some diesel - just 80 litres to keep things topped up, with the aim of being at Middlewich. We heard nothing back, but didn't worry ourselves about it.

Tuesday morning greeted us with some more rain - on and off - by the time that we were ready to leave it had abated and the sun had appeared and was quite warm on the back.

A huge flock of seagulls suddenly took flight

Fine sunny day

Only 1 lock to negotiate and a few miles, so easy cruising and we made good time without rushing - just over 2 hours and we were mooring up, a bit short of Wardle Lock.

A spot of shopping in the town and a visit to the chippy on the way back - the rest of the afternoon was keeping cosy warm and doing some work (for me) and odd jobs (for Diane).

About 6:30pm there was a tapping on the side of the boat and upon investigation, it was Brian with our diesel - we hadn't received the message that he was on his way but diesel was accepted with great pleasure.
The ease of commerce these days - delivery to the boat; poured into the tank and cans as required; payment by debit card through the portable machine -just way too easy.
So here we are now, sitting down, very cosy and comfortable, ready for tomorrow and a day with a few more locks but tonight will be a few more rain showers.

11 Miles, 3 Locks

Totals: 2865 Miles, 2074 Locks, 97 Tunnels, 34 Lift Bridges, 151 Swing Bridges

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