Thursday, 11 December 2014

Way Ho - change of plans

Wednesday 10th December 2014

Some very precise planning has been going on, about which I was on the periphery - it involved a tunnel, a car hire, a xmas luncheon and a dwarf.

Ok, I may have just added the dwarf in for effect, but there were a few other people involved in all of this, but essentially one master (or should that be mistress) planner.

The "Mistress of the Blue Horizon" had calculated when we need to get through Harecastle Tunnel; the trip into Chester and fortunately the result came through just before we reached the winding hole above Bunbury staircase locks.
Hard about turn and the lengthy cruising day that we had ahead turned out to be a mile long cruise to turn the boat around.
A short but chilly cruise

We moored up just a bit further back than where we were earlier on.

So no cruising and too cold and windy to go out just yet - we settled in for a while.
The waves were getting bigger

Whilst not doing much at all, we needed to sort out a hire car, and during that process we needed a pick-up point - it has been our experience that in the absence of anywhere else of any prominence, it is usually a pub that makes a great point of reference.
Once you start talking about pubs on this boat, it usually comes around to food, and what do you know - we were heading towards The Tollemarche Arms for lunch since The Daevnport was now closed.

It could have been that it was mid-week; could have been that we were late for the normal lunch time; or it could have been that we were quite observant, but we did notice that the management had changed.

playing with her wooden soldiers again!

and Santa made a visit as well
There was, however, no change in the quality of the food or drink available and we were pretty well pleased with our 2-course lunch; so much so that dinner has been cancelled on the boat.

Lunch was very nice indeed

The only dicey part of the outing was walk to and from along the narrow but safe path - which did happen to be alongside the busy A51 - trucks and everything.

It is still getting dark around 4pm but the boat is cosy and comfortable - the Reflecs heater performing very well indeed. So here we will be until the morning.

1 Mile

Totals: 2854 Miles, 2071 Locks, 97 Tunnels, 34 Lift Bridges, 151 Swing Bridges

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