Saturday, 7 February 2015

Let's walk....

Friday 6th February to Saturday 7th February 2015

After all of the fun and excitement of so much travelling on Thursday (a.k.a. Trains, trains and more bloody trains!), we had a relaxing and peaceful day - one of us was extremely busy working to catch up on what was not done the previous one, and as for the other one - well, she relaxed in the lounge reading and generally staying quiet.

However, there is only just so much of this that one can take and especially on a Friday -  a Friday when the 6 Nations Rugby Competition begins - even though it was live on the BBC, we knew that it was only fit and proper that we head down to The Spinners Arms and show our support for Wales, over a pint or more.
Along the way we collected Elaine and Paul - they in their England jerseys and Diane with her Welsh one, and me in the neutral strip.
let the game begin -

Wales started remarkably well and at half-time they were looking like repeating their famous 2013 victory, but sadly the 2nd half was all one way to England.

Saturday came and the overnight temperature was a bit higher than it had been recently - a very balmy -1C - the ice on the canal looking less solid but still not ready for cruising; clouds overhead and all looking well for the next few days and the ice clearing.

The plans that we had for the day were pretty "relaxed" - just a chance to make the journey up to White Nancy (again), knowing that this time the views would be a lot better.
We made it a foursome with Paul and Elaine (and Bombo and Sammie) making the trek - there is still a fair amount of ice and snow on the ground, which made it a bit slippery in places, but we made it to the top.
almost there dear! - it's that thing in the distance we
are walking to.

made it! - now for a rest.

Bombo and Sammie found a friend and they all just raced around

The views were really quite stunning...

...imagine what they would be like on a clear day...

...but lovely to see anyway.

two intrepid adventurers.

Yes the views were much better than our other trip to the top, but a mist was starting to come through although it never quite made it to us whilst we were there.
The journey down seemed a bit more treacherous for Elaine, who failed "hiking stick" - not being able to manage use of it in the descent.
down safe and sound - mad-eye Macey strikes again!
Still we got down with any mishap and back to their cottage where we enjoyed a lovely light lunch.
Back to the boat and spoke with Miranda on nb Quirky Forager moored two back who is a liveaboard, teacher, trader and seems a generally nice person.

As is the case after a bit of a wander such as we had in the morning, it transpires that we take time to sit down and recover - and for us, we had the other two rugby matches to view anyway.
Happy to see Ireland and France both win.
So it was a laaaazy afternoon after an energetic morning.

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