Monday, 23 February 2015

We were appled in Marple...

Monday 23rd February 2015

The boat warmed up very well after being cold for over a week and we had a nice peaceful night.

We had only booked at the marina until this morning and so after filling the water tank; using the power to get those jobs done which are easier with a landline; dropping the pramhood; and paying for the power that we did use, we headed off.

The sun was out this morning and quite warm to boot, but the air is cold, so were still rugged up.
Bright sunshine - just the thing for cruising...

...and to take your mind off the cold air

It seemed that that the entire distance to Higher Poynton was lined with boats or boats reasonably close to each other - we only averaged 2 mph.

Along the way Diane suggested that we should fill up the diesel tanks and cans there so that we were prepared just in case, so as dutiful as ever, I agreed and moored up - probably for the best, 114 litres at 69 ppl - and a new boatside connection for the landline which broke when we tried to disconnect. It had been a bit suspect for a while now, but failed to disconnect when we wanted to leave earlier.

The canal is shallow in places but we already knew that from our trip last month and we had to put the engine into neutral to clear a few longer cuttings.
Around the Middlewood Station Aqueduct there was a sudden thud followed by a shuddering of the rudder - reversing the prop didn't help, so it was a plunge into the icy-cold canal - fortunately only up to the elbow, but that was enough.

A bl___y empty coal bag - now where in the world would that have come from - another flaming boater, that's where, inconsiderate dimwit. Hope their prop gets jammed up nice and tight with a long length of high tensile steel cable.

Once cleared we were fine and continued on and passing Goyt Mill we were startled by an apple that had been thrown at us by a person from the Mill. 
We could hear laughing as well.
Luckily it missed both of us, missed the solar panels -hitting the backcover and rolling away.
I looked back and could see where it came from - if I get the chance, I may pay them a little visit.

We have arrived at Marple and to our surprise the moorings opposite the charity boat and services were completely empty, so we have moored at the back and the trading boat "Roach" moored up in front but moved off after lunch. A bit of a bonus - so now on rings and moored up nicely.

We had a wander down to the shopping area to get a couple of things at the Co-op - whoa, it has now gone -closed on Saturday 14th Feb.- just 9 days ago.

We think we have also found the reason why these moorings were completely vacant.......
Secret business around the services....'s a launch pad for a new Tardis

5 miles
YTD: 66 Miles, 25 Locks, 1 Tunnel, 1 Swing Bridge
Totals: 2960 Miles, 2146 Locks, 99 Tunnels, 34 Lift Bridges, 153 Swing Bridges


  1. When we were in Whaley Bridge last summer (the doors were open on a summer evening) a chocolate bourbon was thrown through the doors. At least your gift was the healthy option!

  2. I have gotta say that getting thumped in the head by a chocolate biscuit is less likely to kill than a healthy apple - at the speed it was travelling it would have been just like a cricket ball - so I would say we have just used up one of our lives.