Saturday, 28 February 2015

Sun, Breasts and Boats - what's that all about?

Thursday 26th February to Friday 27th February 2015

We didn't get up to a lot yesterday - the rain held us inside for the morning and after lunch we ventured out to wander up to the collection of houses above The Navigation Inn - this area being renamed as Buxworth.
Seems some time ago the connotations of the name Bugsworth didn't sit too well with those who lived here, so the name was changed.

Not sure that the more "exotic" name made much change - there is nothing here that would attract me with any intensity - Bugsworth or Buxworth - think I would not be persuaded by the name.

Diane is always on the lookout for public footpaths around the areas that we visit - me, I then look to see if there are any cows along the path - they invariably head for the dairy.

Anyway, she found one that looked interesting - me I saw it heading downhill with a dodgy path and not much at the end.
We didn't make it any further than about 20 metres along when the wet muddy ground claimed the inevitable victim - the missus found out how slippery and now has more washing to take care of.
If only I had taken the camera - legs gave way and the soft part of the posterior hit the soft muddy bit - outcome was muddy trousers and muddy coat and a quick acknowledgement that we should head back to the safety of the roadside footpath.

She was not sufficiently muddied to head back indoors, instead we headed around to Whaley Bridge via the towpath - where we had not been together since 2008 - it seems to be the quintessential hills town with a railway.
at Whaley Bridge - the terminus

Back in 2008 we had a meal here - all I remember is that every
dish contained coconut - we declined to go in this time
We did stop off for a cuppa and cake and after a little more looking around we walked back to the boat.

This morning the weather was much clearer and the sun was out - just lucky I guess - we had already planned to head off.

But first we thought it better to water up at the basin services - the water pressure is a lot better. As is not so unusual, with the engine already running and heating the water, Diane decided to shower whilst the water tank was filling.

Now this wife of mine can be a bit on the cheeky and naughty side, so as I am outside checking on things as the water is doing it's thing, she is on the inside of the boat flashing the glace cherries - the sun is shining in the window, I am on the outside and not able to do anything other than delight in their sight.

She can be just a bit naughty at times.

(no photos at this time)!

Immediately after that the water tank was full and overflowing, so I cleaned everything up and off we went.

The depth hadn't changed since Wednesday - still at a slow speed, but with sun.

There was some novelty for us though, coming along to two moored boats, we spotted another coming towards us. As their path would end in the off-side vegetation if we continued we opted for the stop and let them pass approach.

Vegetation on the left meant that two boats couldn't really squeeze
through, so as we put into reverse the bow swung to the left -
we managed to straighten up and everyone was happy

They too had observed the irony, that not having seen much in the way of any boats moving, we should meet at a point difficult to pass each other on the move.
In these photos you can see the new flag pole, skilfully made for
us by Elaine's brother - thanks Trevor, we shall use it with pride...

...and of course the new flag generously given to us by Paul.
There is also a crazy woman aboard with her crazy hat.
As if to extend the situation, a little further on we encountered yet another boat moving - too much of this and we will be thinking that winter has ended - sun, boats moving - next it will be trees with blossom.

These pictures show a brilliant day and if this is winter then
what could summer be like -

The workmen were still hard at it shoring up and repairing the towpath banks and we eased around each group, before reaching Marple and claiming the last mooring place opposite the services - in fact the same place from where we left on Wednesday.

7 miles, 1 lift bridge, 2 swing bridges
YTD: 80 Miles, 25 Locks, 1 Tunnel, 2 Lift Bridge, 5 Swing Bridge
Totals: 2974 Miles, 2146 Locks, 99 Tunnels, 36 Lift Bridges, 156 Swing Bridges


  1. Hi there, It's so good to see that the towpath is being sorted outside Marple - it was so frustrating last summer trying to find a mooring within coo-ee of the town when all accessible visitor moorings were full ... The Peak Forest Canal is lovely, eh, but rather shallow in parts. We loved the views out over the valleys, and Marple is a lovely town. Cheers, Marilyn (nb Waka Huia) PS Only about 80 sleeps to go till we are back on board! Yippee!

  2. Hi Marilyn
    that sounds like a count-down - Diane is infamous for these and she loves it when others do the same; The Peak Forest is lovely at any time of the year. Good luck to you for your return - hope to see you soon