Saturday, 21 February 2015

We're all going on a summer holiday - except it's winter

Saturday 14th February to Saturday 21st February 2015

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Shut up you kids in the back or I will stop the car!

Yep, it's typical holiday time - a long car drive and sitting in the car in the blazing sun - well except for the sun bit.

We were heading soth for the winter - on the road - the M6, then the M5, then the A30 and then we were there - Lamorna, Cornwall.

At least it was a bit warmer and the sun was shining.

We drove down with Dot and Gordon, with Elaine and Paul just a few hours behind on their way from Milton Keynes; Sue and Andy were off watching England triumph at Twickenham and would not be there until Monday.
This is where we stayed...

...complete with security
What did we get up to over the course of the week - mmm! let me think.

For some it was just a haze every morning - stumbling into the kitchen and dodging the stack of empties. For others it was up at the crack of dawn, springing into a new day.
No such luck - it seems that as we get a little bit older we do tend to sleep in a bit later when there is not an urgent need to get up and we can stay up later even on school nights.

Lamorna Cove

Paul and Bombo

Was Gordon really ahead of time?

Paul with Sammie

Bombo with Ealine

Sue and Elaine

Paul adopting his relaxed position - just slightly less relaxed
than the two boys
We did enjoy each other's company - along the way we discovered the Trivia Crack application and constantly started and played games against each other; we celebrated Paul's birthday (can't tell you how old he is, but next year he will be 60) - in fact at the moment there are 3 of us who are all 59, so it is the 59'ers club - looking forward to celebrating in 10 years time; we visited St.Ives, St.Just, Lands End, Mount St.Michael, Mousehole (apparently pronounced Mousall), Newlyn and Penzance; visited a few pubs; soaked ourselves in the hot tub; got to wear warm silly colourful hats; continued in with Andy's pre-birthday celebrations.

Out for lunch to celebrate both birthdays

Paul lost an olive and set about finding it...

...but even with the headlights on it was lost

Andy - holding the bar

Despite what Paul may have indicated on his blog, we kept our clothes on (most of the time).

Off to St.Ives

We have had a great week and certainly looking forward to the next getaway week - planning is in the early stages but may involve overseas exotic locations.

...and off to Mount St.Michael

how's about this then - off to the supermarket
whenever you need to - no need to check the tides

We have now headed off back to where we are moored up to continue with what we were doing before this week knowing that we have had a few drinks; a few laughs; and some good fun.

Lunch at the Godolphin - platters all round

And then there was the colouring competition...

...and some took it seriously...

...whilst for others it was deadly serious

The weather in general was pretty good and so glad that we have escaped the colder weather further north and the countryside has been lovely.

Gordon and Dot dropped us off at The Premier Inn at North Stafford and will drive us back to Poynton tomorrow - it is just a bit too far to have to go there after a long trip from Cornwall and for them then to have to drive back to Stone; so a comfortable night and Diane can have a lovely relaxing bath before we are back on the boat.

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