Monday, 19 May 2014

Efficient people don't make excuses - they do the job !

Friday 16th  May to Monday 19th May 2014

The rest finally came and we had a bit of a day off - when I say we I really mean the management.
Us plebs are always busy - got through the sitting down and tapping at the computer work stuff; then there was the weekly engine checks (still fine);  the weekly battery checks - this was the first real one since the panels went in, and with the engine not switched on at all, the batteries were AOK.
At SmeetonWesterby

Almost doesn't look big enough for a boat, let alone 2 to pass

No fences between her and the cows...

...yes, these ones

After all of that I had a bit of a sit down to rest before we called it a day and went inside before some of the bugs rested on us.
these guys, along with mum and dad joined us 

The planned BBQ was postponed - there didn't seem much point cooking on it for just one of us whilst the other wasn't feeling the best - so Diane still cooked her things but in the oven.

Saturday was moving day - Market Harborough being the end point - Debdale Wharf the intermediate stop.
We only needed to saunter down the 1-2 miles to Debdale Marina, having left earlyish, we made it for 9 o'clock  - trouble was that they didn't open until 10am.

Not a problem - moored up, kettle on, sun was out, book out and enjoy.

An hour can go very quickly sometimes under the right circumstances.

As was promised, the lovely lady of the marina (whose name I will learn sometime) arrived and everything was underway.
Our needs of diesel and a fresh gas bottle were relatively insignificant compared to the occupants of another boat moored in front - their 4 leisure batteries had given up the ghost and needed replacing - they were hoping that new ones (of the right type) could be sourced and fitted as well.

For us it was about a 20 minute exercise; the natives were all very friendly indeed - I had earlier been chatting to a chap who had been to Oxford and back (a 4 week trip) and whilst waiting for me to part with the payment for services well delivered, Diane was talking to a guy named Steve (off nb Rodanty) about many many things, but none of them related to toilets (as she explained to me).

So then onto Market Harborough - with only just over 6 miles to cruise and a couple of swing bridges to get through, the sun high enough to be warming in a summery way, we felt the first signs of a lovely summer on their way, and moored up just after 1pm.

Our first need was to venture down into town and find Boots where Diane's prescriptions should be ready for pick up - well they would have been if the person to whom she had spoken about getting them there had made a note of it all. Seems that the scripts arrived from the doctor but they didn't know anything about them - they rang the surgery who didn't check their own records - the very same on-line information where Diane had meticulously completed all of the information - but no, their reply was for the pharmacy to send the prescriptions back.

Diane wasn't very happy about all of the explanations from the pharmacy but a bit more pleased with their solution to order everything she needed and they would contact the surgery on Monday morning.
I sat back and didn't get involved as I know that I would not have been complimentary about the ineptitude of the whole thing.

After all of that we decided to have lunch at one of the local eateries - Zizzi - where the attention to what we needed was the antipathy of that shown earlier. The lady looking after us was absolutely fabulous - and you do not mind the bill (and showing suitable appreciation) if the food is excellent and the service is of a high standard - which it all was.

The FA Cup Final beckoned and we settled down to see if Hull could do a similar job on Arsenal as Wigan had achieved a year ago - sadly it ended 3-2 against Hull, but it was an extremely entertaining match - we felt sorry for Joan and Jim (nb Two Jays) who are long time Hull supporters.

Another rest day on Sunday - but there seemed a need to do a bit of shopping along the way, prior to lunch out.
So many people were about and with another glorious day, who could blame them.

Diane enjoyed her roast lunch, but I have been hit by a familiar stomach bug again and even the soup on its own held no appeal. It doesn't seem to affect me other than within 10 paces of any food - just as well because there was a little work that needed doing which was finished - Diane carefully and intently holding down the sunchair on the towpath whilst I got through with it.

That morning I caught up with the intrepid couple that we had met at Debdale Marina in need of new batteries. The guy was very happy with the outcome - 4 new batteries supplied and fitted for a very good price - no fuss, no problems - you have to appreciate people who know what they are doing and do it well.

And so to Monday - when will this weather end - apparently it will be Tuesday if the reports are correct, but for now we will take it.
glorious cruising

and the countryside looks good as well

Cruising to the junction; take on some water; ready to climb the Foxton locks;  let the lockies know we are there - "you can come in straight away" - and we were set - a little over an hour later, no fuss at all and we were up through the locks, moored up and Diane had the washing fluttering in the breeze and we were walking down to the pub - Bridge 61 Inn.
one of the prettiest scenes anywhere

Resting in the comfy sofa, looking out through the opened windows - a drink and a light bite - the hard work was worth it - if only Diane's food order had not been forgotten - she had to chase it up.
Later on sitting out on the towpath with the last of the warm sun still about, with just about nothing at all to be concerned about - reflecting on all that the last few days have given us.

We have a lot to be thankful about!

14 Miles, 10 Locks, 4 Swing Bridges

Totals: 2474 Miles, 1796  Locks, 78 Tunnels, 32 Lift Bridges, 151 Swing Bridges

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