Tuesday, 13 May 2014

What a Load of #$&^@% Rubbish

Sunday 11th May to Monday 12thMay 2014

Headed off from Loughborough, a bit windy, cloudy and chance of rain - not a chance really - it started not long after we started.

Still it was brief and with the birthday girl inside, it was only the crew that got a bit wet.

It was a nice pleasant cruise down to the first lock and by then the sun, as well as the skipper, had emerged.

We needed water so the Barrow Mill Basin was in an ideal location and especially so, because the cafe was open and no sooner had we tied up than she was in with her order for a sausage and bacon bap. After I got the water filling I declined on anything.

We encountered a group of young guys on a charity walk from Nottingham to Leicester - a distance of 50 miles, of which 30 were already down and the last 20 heading south were within their grasp.

Soon enough we were off and by Mountsorrel we had almost caught up with another boat (nb Rocquette) - they were exiting as we arrived - so it was nice to see them waiting at the next lock ready for us both to go up.

the weir before Cossington Lock - the river is flowing quite well
Cossington Lock was almost a disaster - as Diane was bringing the boat towards the lock she was struck with something around the prop - her gesticulations were not conveying the same meaning to me about the extent of the problem as she intended - never-the-less she managed to get into the lock and we agreed to clear it there and then which happened without any delay and we were off.

At Junction Lock we waited for two boats to exit, the second of these was nb Ophelia which was attended by Ann and Ken - Ann gave a friendly recognition that she read the blog - hope that you both are enjoying your time out for the week.

We moored at Syston - this being Sunday and her birthday and Mothers Day (in Australia) - I thought that I probably should take her out for lunch - the venue this day being The Hope and Anchor.

The menu was extensive, the meal was satisfactory without threatening the The Cotton Arms (at Wrenbury).

Despite some outside noise from the relatively near A road, we heard nothing inside and had a very peaceful night.

In the morning the weather reports were consulted and with rain impending just before lunch we decided that we would leave early to get into Leicester and hopefully a mooring at the Castle pontoon.

Today was very pleasant cruising with the evenly spaced locks, less wind than yesterday and the sun trying to find it's way through the cloud.

Since our out and back in the water repair job last week, we have certainly noticed that the boat is performing much better - the turning and responsiveness is much better (Diane was saying that she was exactly the same).

no explanation needed!
Once we hit the urbanised area of the canal - from Belgrave Lock - the level of rubbish increased exponentially - and just before Limekiln lock we came to a shuddering halt - well at least the engine did - the boat continued to drift.

the start of the rubbish - at least will by-pass the canal
Down the weedhatch and cleared a bagful of rubbish - started up and into gear - we moved about 5 metres and the engine stopped again.

1st load of rubbish

Down again with the right arm into the water - another bagful - prop cleared again - everything back together - started up, into gear, lurched forward but with no real speed - the language (at least in my mind) was unprintable.

2nd load of rubbish
We managed to get to the lock mooring so that I could have another look.

A third bag full of a mixture of cloth, clothes, plastic and other rubbish that did not belong in the canal at all.

3rd and final load - can't be much left - I've cleared their bloody canal
Leicester might be celebrating Mark Selby winning the snooker world championship and the Foxes winning the Championship, but rest assured the city should hang it's head in shame at the way that it decides to get rid of so much rubbish.
Leicester has been the worst of the major cities that we have visited so far.

Third time lucky; the prop stayed clear and we made it round under West Bridge to find the Castle moorings clear except for one boat.

fancy bringing the young 'uns up amongst all of the rubbish

We also beat the rush, as not long after, the boat that was there left and we were quickly joined by 3 others which filled the available space.

Despite everything else there are some lovely views around Leicester

if you have the mind to come this way it can be very nice indeed
As is now usual, we headed out for a bit of a re-familiarisation of the city.

We did the walking thing and on our way back we strayed into John Lewis for a timer for the kitchen - not finding one we liked we thought we might just check out the EE store and what deal we could get on a new phone.

If only we had bought the timer in John Lewis, but she does like her new iPhone.

the boat down below on the Castle Garden moorings

16 Miles, 10 Locks

Totals: 2444 Miles, 1762  Locks, 77 Tunnels, 32 Lift Bridges, 147 Swing Bridges

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