Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Where was the rain that was promised?

Tuesday 20th May2014

With time on our side to reach Crick by Friday morning, we have been keeping a eye on the weather apps and also the weather reports on the BBC.

Feeding one of the locals before heading off

They were all reporting rain for Tuesday, with the likelihood of it being clear during late morning.
Our plans were set; after a bit of a shower that really wouldn't have wet anything we headed off - our plan being to cruise on a not so brilliant day so that the following sunny day we would be able to take another rest day and let the panels charge the batteries.

Off we went, leaving the moorings at the top of Foxton Locks; it was warm enough for the shorts to be on - this was tempered with the fleece keeping the upper parts a bit warm.

The previous day after mooring up I had needed to go down the weedhatch to remove a fair length of fishing line which had managed to attract a bit of rubbish with it; so as we were moving today there were some times when we thought that I may not have got it all or something else was hanging on, which made steering difficult at times.

can anyone tell me the name of this tree?

just so cute!

So much so that we needed to stop and check - nothing found and everything was OK after that - whatever it was, may have dropped off when we pulled over - I don't think I imagined the problem.

scenery like this makes it just simply lovely to be cruising

It was only a 7-mile run today and just nearing the entrance to Husbands Bosworth Tunnel there was a familiar boat approaching - with the familiar figures of Jean and Andy (nb Josephine) - no time or space to stop, just slow right down and the friendly hellos and goodbyes that transpire when we are both moving in opposite directions.

Slower after the tunnel due to moored boats, but no problems; we were moored up at Welford Junction, where will spend 2 nights.
at Welford Junction - virtually on our own (there was one boat in front)

Strangely, and I say strangely, as we were not expecting it, for the rest of the day (apart from a little cloud) the sun remained out.

So, where was the rain?

7 Miles, 1 Tunnel

Totals: 2481 Miles, 1796  Locks, 79 Tunnels, 32 Lift Bridges, 151 Swing Bridges


  1. Ray, it's a horse chestnut. That's where conkers come from.
    E :)

    1. Thanks Elly, Diane was telling me that but not with full conviction and I just didn't know.

    2. Hi, you will also come across trees with deep pink flowers which are a hybrid of the horse chestnut and a north American variant, the Buckeye tree.