Monday, 5 May 2014

Happy Star Wars Day

Sunday May 4th 2014

I have been reprieved - apparently my services will still be required, at least in the foreseeable future.

She who must be obeyed has decreed that I shall be taken off the "For Sale" list as there no doubt will be more hills to have to push her up; more days when coffee is still required by her in bed; more heavy locks to be done; more Sundays to have to go out for her paper - mmm looks like I have full time employment again.

We did move today as well - about 30 metres - across the canal. It gave us access to the water point and will make it easier to deal with the elsan.

This is the basin - visitor moorings on both sides - we move from
the low brick parapet wall on the right over to the left - as shown.
the small arm on the right is the connection with the now defunct
Nottingham Canal.
Other view of the basin - lock on the right - on the left is the
Nottingham Canal arm

A few boats moored in what remains of the Nottingham Canal

The bonus was that the TV signal improved immeasurably and "she" now has BBC and of course - the snooker.

Diane washed the roof whilst I dealt with our rope situation - we have over the last two years bought and changed some ropes around; others, which had come with the boat and been replaced were either too short, too old, broken and patched up etc had been consigned to out of the way storage places - so all were exhumed and 4 ropes of varying degrees of tattiness will be dumped at the next rubbish point.

We both managed to get a bit of painting done as well - me with varnishing fender holders and a hatch endboard, Diane with staining the plank with a wood preserver - I was not called upon for any clean up duties on the paintbrush holder.

As it was Sunday we went off for Sunday lunch at The Great Northern - the food was fine - not going to drag us back again - but I wasn't impressed with it - even less so with the guy, who seeing me waiting at the bar, didn't bother to ask had I been served - No! just in with his order when the girl said "Who's next?"

He copped an earful - in a quiet forceful manner.

After returning to the boat we relaxed for most of the afternoon and evening - snooker for her and I occasionally looked in on it, but for me a book and the computer.

So endeth another weekend - there will definitely be greater movement on Monday than today

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