Saturday, 4 May 2013

Happy Star Wars Day

Saturday 4th May 2013

Our last full day in Manchester for a while was neither exciting nor boring.

We were both up early to go off and fetch the paper; Diane managing to slip in a couple of danishes – just when she knows that I cannot eat anything like that; and also to seek out a nice little early opener for a full English breakfast – a little more fancy than the two pieces of dry toast that I was limited to.

By the time we had finished, we wandered a bit more and suddenly the thought of our travel plans for the US later in the year arose and we were off to Trailblazers and then to Flight Centre to compare their ideas.

Where to stay in New York was of concern – it was suggested that the Waldorf-Astoria would be nice for 5 nights – we had wanted a self-contained flat but the prices for those in Manhattan made the WA much cheaper.

Nice if the bank could afford it – I have started looking at private rentals – they are much cheaper (but still expensive).

Back to the boat; some more checking on line; at least we have Orlando sorted; no flights booked yet (but soon); no accommodation in NY (but soon); no car rental organised (but soon) – pretty soon the time will be here, so hopefully we do get it sorted.

We had organised with Elaine and Paul to venture into China Town for Dim Sum (we call it Yum Cha back home); they trusted me to provide directions to get – all I can say is that plenty of exercise is good for the appetite.

We found the nominated place; it took a little while for the others to work out the menu ordering – I left it in their hands to sort that out.

In the meanwhile, Diane’s beloved Watford were seeking automatic promotion to the Premier League so I was in charge of keeping an eye on the scores via the phone.

The food arrived; very nice indeed – good selections by them all.

Finished everything; bill paid and we were out – still keeping a check on the scores – not good news at all – the playoffs now beckon for the Hornets.

We caught the last of the free bus colours that Diane had been wanting to try out – to see the route; a visit of Tesco and then a return to the boat and sit down for a while to recover – well at least for me.

A very relaxing evening is planned – it all started with Dr Who (for Diane – not for me) and not much else to be done.

Tomorrow we will be off relatively early after we water up and it will be goodbye Manchester and off to Lancaster.


  1. So Jealous about Lancaster! Hope you have a wonderful time.

  2. When we stayed in New York we stayed at the radio city apartments which were local to times Square but not self contained here is a site showing the building ( . However eating out in NY is not that expensive.

    One restaurant we recommend is‎ The wait staff are budding Broadway singers and they entertain you while you are eating, great. You may have to book or go early.


  3. Thanks for that Robin,
    I checked the web site out last night and it is all booked out for the dates that we were visiting; but we will try the diner out.