Friday, 3 May 2013

Plans are made to be flexible

Wednesday 1st May to Friday 3rd May 2013

When we left the marina at the beginning of March it was with a clear intention to do the 4 Counties Ring and then back into the marina to take care of some leaking windows.

We travelled with Dot and Gordon (nb Ewn Ha Cul) and then we thought we like the Macc and would just go up there a bit and we could catch up with Elaine and Paul.

Then somewhere along the way Diane made the suggestion about going into Liverpool again for 2 weeks – nb Caxton would be gong in as well.

So we all started travelling together and at the junction with the Rochdale we said goodbye to Dot and Gordon and we carried on to Liverpool.

Now that we are back in Manchester and having spoken with Howard and Janet (nb Compass Rose) the suggestion about doing the Lancaster Canal came up – so we rang CaRT and spoke to Ruth who was able to help us with dates for next week’s passages and a passage back again.

So now we have put the application in; the days were blocked in for us; and we will be going up to Savick Brook on the 9th May.

Talk about changes of plans – we haven’t gone anywhere near where we thought we were going.

We have had a few days in Manchester already and once again we have enjoyed it – firstly with Howard and Janet – off to Ikea to help Janet spend Howard’s money; and a day of maintenance on the boat including some painting – but it seems that each day we end up in the same place – The Wharf – dogs allowed and such a lovely pub - the tradition has continued with Elaine and Paul as well as Bombo and Sammy along with Banjo - the dogs really enjoy being able to go inside.

We will catch up with Janet and Howard in a few days time.

Friday was not a pleasant day – for me – really crook indeed – seems like a 24 hour thing – well at least I hope so.

We have one more day here and will be off on Sunday back the same way from where we have been.

No travel during this period

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