Friday, 17 May 2013

What we need is what we need

Wednesday 15th May to Friday 17th May 2013

The life of a boater is not governed by the weather, despite how bad it can be; nor is it presupposed by the location of the next pub (that is with the exception of people only out for a week or two); nor is it controlled by unexpected stoppages – the things that affect us more than anything else are – where is the next pumpout (or elsan); the next water point; and the next diesel location.

Whilst we have had more than enough water points and place to get rid of the contents of the grey black tank, the number of sources of diesel are very sadly lacking.

Our preparations in making the trip across the Ribble were a little bit rushed and we didn’t fill the diesel tank and the spare fuel cans and so we reached the point where it was of concern to one of the crew.

With a half-full tank I was not in any worry that we would easily make it to the end of the canal at Tewitfield and then back to the Moons Bridge Marina (a total of about 40 miles from our location) – the other half was a bit worried and was thinking of little else.

We set off from Lancaster on Wednesday in some drizzling rain; we were ready to move – well the grey black tank was ready to be emptied and the management was worried about that as well – with the pumpout station just a 100 metres away we were off and I must say it was a very heavy duty pump – the tank was emptied in no time at all, a good rinse out as well and all was well; a full water tank as well, but the precipitation persisted.

Just a short cruise up to Morecombe and then onto Hest Bank – this is the closest that the canal actually comes to the seaside and the mooring were reputedly quite good – we were now comfortable in mooring up with our stern a little away from the side – in this instance we simply used the plank again.

The view afforded us a chance to see the bay from the dinette.

We set off after lunch to explore the seaside and wandered into Morecombe – I say wandered but it was almost a military rout march – 3 miles in total (one way) – of course there was the little subject of the 3 miles back again.

looking towards Morecombe

and back in the other direction

not so sure about the dress code for this church

the rains are coming

I know the one on the right but who is the ring-in on the left
Needless to say that there were 2 very tired souls that night – Diane and Banjo just sort of flaked out completely. Banjo was so tired he barely raised his head at mealtime.

Thursday was a chance to have a slightly shorter walk – just 3 mile round trip to the Happy Mount Park – a pleasant enough place for families to allow their brood to wear themselves out silly – we did it again to Banjo – the poor old fellow that he is – really in the pensioner class.

Happy Mount Park

looking across Morecombe - though at this time of the day
it was more like Morecombe mud flats

Friday and we  decided to take notice of the TV weather reports and with it being a bright sunny day from them and even looking outside in the morning we ventured off for the short cruise up to Carnforth.

across the bay whilst we cruise through Bolton-le-Sands

Once again I think we appear to have been just in the right place at the right time and moved into the last place – and right outside the pub – The Canal Turn – which of course we looked into later in the day.

Firstly though there was shopping to be done.

We were in two minds after that – right next to the pub was a petrol station, an answer to our diesel situation (even at a slightly higher price) and just a little walk away was an equipment hire place that sold red diesel at a much better price – we decided on the latter and we purchased 40 litres and the lady of the boat was feeling much better indeed.

So we will settle here for another day or so and continue to take it easy – tomorrow, who knows what will bring – rain we suspect and also according to the reports.

8 miles, 1 swing bridge

Totals: 1689 Miles, 1294 Locks, 56 Tunnels, 28 Lift Bridges, 130 Swing Bridges


  1. This site may help you locate places that sell diesel canal and river side.

    Also its a Black water tank, not a grey water tank, the EU hasn't forced us to have them yet, but give them time, but don't let them think some of us already have them.

  2. Someone else with diesel supply info is Sue on No Problem