Thursday, 23 May 2013

No wind, no rain, no sun either

Thursday 23rd May 2013

All the weather reports were saying it; the CaRT people were concerned about it – so much so that they were contemplating cancelling the upward passage across the Ribble; so who were we to dispute all of that.

The rains and the winds were coming by mid to late morning and we wanted to be at the top of the locks ready for a Friday pumpout – this was on her-indoors master plan – so it simply had to be done.

We woke and the waves outside from last night had subsided; not too much damage to boats, building or trees – well actually there was none.

So after a quick breakfast we prepared the boat and we left the Glasson basin.

With all of the locks set for us – 4 out of the 6 locks had bottom gates that wouldn’t stay closed on an empty lock and the last two locks seemingly always empty we made quick smart time up to a mooring spot around on the Lancaster proper – all done before 9:30am.

What then happened didn’t please either of us – the bloody sun came out and we were bathed in warm sunshine – would have been nice when the cruising was going on.

Anyway, it has felt like two days today – a day’s worth of cruising and being moored up early we have had a full day being still as well.

Vindication for our movement had to wait until just after 2:30pm when the heavens decided it was time to rain down – and reasonably heavy as well – but we were fine – having retraced our steps from yesterday, we were snug inside the boat – even if it did smell a little fishy from the kippers for lunch.

3 miles, 6 locks

Totals: 1714 Miles, 1306 Locks, 56 Tunnels, 28 Lift Bridges, 131 Swing Bridges

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