Thursday, 2 May 2013

Horsepower and Sainthood

Tuesday 30th April 2013

Blue skies and no wind – perfect for a gentle cruise.

Management had decided that we should fill with water first and if we could wind as well we would be in an excellent position to do a self pumpout and then be almost completely set for a few days in Manchester.

I must say that the width of the water was fine for winding – if only it hadn’t been so shallow on the other side – we noticed it as the front of the boat went up – but it was only soft and we could swing around – especially as Diane had taken the stern rope and started to pull the rear around – her comment was and I quote “I’m as good as a horse”.

Far be it for me to disagree with my lovely wife.

Seems like I may have to buy in a few more bags of oats and a couple of bales of hay.

The cruising was lovely today – the sun came out from behind the clouds at regular intervals to deliver some much needed warmth and we just pootled along – neither fast nor slow.

Approaching Bridge 50 I reminded Diane of the snack van that she wanted to visit on our return trip for a barm or two. Moored up on the off-side near “Dave’s Butty Wagon” – she’ll have her sausage barm with a sugar lump and a sprinkling of your best oats.

in her element - tied up to the hitching rail outside the butty wagon
Such a lovely day that it was I was tempted to cast a few comments on what she had said and happily I was rewarded with one of her lovely smiles – I fear the spell to turn me into a newt will come later.

She further cast her net upon a poor one-legged goose standing on the canal side – “Oh poor goose only has one-leg; it would be much better with two” – at which the second leg appeared – A Miracle, A Miracle – praise the lord and pass the potatoes.

We are in the presence of a genuine holy person.

Beatification and sainthood is sure to follow – who do we contact and what is the pay rate?

not everyone is pleased with curing the lame - this runner was
held up by the family-protective goose
Nothing much more took place until we reached Castlefields – oooh we found the Sanitary Station – hadn’t seen that before, but more importantly where would we moor up.

Around into the Grocer’s Warehouse arm – who do we run across but nb Compass Rose (Howard and Janet), next to whom we moored in Aston Marina.

It is always nice to meet up with old friends as a surprise.

Eventually we moored up in the same place as earlier this month – set up everything; a bit or work then lunch.

We wandered down to see Howard and Janet and headed up to The Wharf for a drink and a chat to catch with them on how they had been, what we had all been up to – as boaters tend to do

7 miles for today

Totals: 1608 Miles, 1269 Locks, 56 Tunnels, 27 Lift Bridges, 122 Swing Bridges


  1. A bit cheeky this blog. Lucky I love him or a newt he will be for sure. Diane

  2. Who's the poor soul being terrorised by the newly belegged goose?

  3. What's a "barm"? And do I need to start looking for a new coffee mug? Something to do with horses?!!

  4. Good morning. On Tuesday we were out on Manchester trams checking out some details for our South Pennine Ring part 1 guide. We also had a trip to Media City at Salford. As we looked down from the tram between Caslefield and Cornbrook at the blue boat on the Bridgewater Canal we saw Raymond looking up at us. It's Ferndale I cried. It's one of our Aussies, Mal replied. Glad you're ok in Castlefield.


  5. Hi Christine
    it was such a lovely day out cruising on Tuesday and the tram was passing overhead - just had to look up and see everyone who was on their way somewhere else.
    We enjoy Castlefields and here until Sunday morning


  6. Hi Elly

    a barm is northern term and is really a type of flattish roll - a bit like a hambuger bun without the sesame seeds.
    Whilst Diane has nothing against horses, she doesn't need a horsey mug - she has taken it all in good fun; the bruises are starting to fade


  7. Hi Dot

    Hope Gordon is well. The poor runner was just a random stranger who happened to be on the towpath at the time of miracles.
    I bet he was more hoping for turning water into wine; fishes and bread to feed the multitudes; but instead he had to settle for an extra drumstick