Sunday, 13 January 2013

A list – my kingdom for a list

Tuesday 8th January to Thursday 10th January 2013

With all of the big stuff done and out of the way there always seems to be a multitude of little items that hang around and take ages to complete and so it is with the end desire to complete these items and in the spirit of divine management that “she who must be obeyed” has taken the time out of her very busy schedule to construct a list of all of these – a list, I say, which is properly constructed, prioritised and written out in ink (my blood was being used for other purposes at the time).

The fog that didn't lift - barely able to see the church spire -
less than half a mile away

In the distance fog; but closer not enough to blanket some

As with any list there is the planning, some thinking, a bit more planning, a beer, more thinking, another few beers, then the kick up the a__e to get me moving.

I think I had procrastinated long enough – I knew this because Diane seized the initiative and started taking up the tiles from the bathroom floor – until she met a problem and then she cunningly called me to have a look at see what she could do – but she really meant what I could do.

She had won and I had left the paying workplace and was finishing what she had started.

“Where are the new tiles to go down on the floor?”

“Where did you put them?”

How many places do you think that there are on a boat to store things, obviously one too many as we couldn’t find them at all – looked everywhere – even took the bed apart and searched under it – no luck; finally had a better look under the dinette seats and there they were, under one of the duvets.
after removing the old tiles

Right, tiles found, how do we apply – what!! – condition them to warm them up before laying them – job delayed 24 hours whilst we make sure they are warm enough, cosy and comfortable, knit little jumpers for them and tuck them into bed at night.
New tiles down - we are pleased with the job

Following day after actually getting some work done it was into the relaying of the bathroom floor – problem with sticking self-adhesive tiles onto a sticky floor was a matter of being able to reposition them – almost impossible and I managed to destroy 3 of them in the process, but I am pleased to say that with the job finally done, the floor does look immeasurably better, brighter and more appealing.

Elly came over after we had finished - she and Mick had been out for the day at Trentham Gardens and they had kindly bought Diane a present - interestingly, those to whom she showed it knew instantly who it was for without any need for explanation by Elly.
She remains ever so!!


  1. I hope you have more luck with tiles than I did -- within weeks they were on the move, with gaps opening up between them. In the end, I had to take them up and replace with a sheet of lino in a tile pattern.

  2. Fingers crossed - after 4 days it all appears to be fine.
    We had the old one lift because that got water underneath them but no sideways movement. I guess if they do need to be redone it will be anothe item that ges added to the list by "She"
    - ray