Sunday, 20 January 2013

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Sunday 20th January 2013
We will soon be off to the The Three Crowns for Sunday lunch, but i have added a number of photographs taken in this last week which gives an idea of how severe some of the weather has been and then how wonderful it looks after everything settles down
Horizontal snow and lots of it
Essentials to be taken care of - he would prefer his own inside toilet
It's almost like something you would see in an antarctic documentary
Much more and we might disappear
Putting up with it
Much better after the wind has gone

Banjo really has enjoyed being able to frolic around in the snow
There is an up side to all of this - at least the beer is cold
Not quite the winter wonderland
Picture postcard perfect
With the local wildlife
Interacting with the locals
Mother and child reunion
Life on the canals

Holed up for winter
Time to reflect upon it all
For those of us from warmer climes, the sight and experience of snow is such a child-like adventure that it takes a little time to remember that as beautiful and scenic as all of this is, there are many thousands of people who find it far from that and the conditions make it dificult for a great many in the community.

We will experience this for some winters to come before we must return to our home, but we will remember these experiences - the sights, the sounds, the feel of it all

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  1. Love the pics, banter and, of course, the dog! Kind thoughts...enjoy the white stuff...