Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Coming Home

Saturday 5th January to Monday 7th January 2013

Each time it really does feel like coming home. All week we had less than spectacular weather, but probably better than average for this time of the year, but as is more often the case the sun broke through on our return journey – just teasing us as we drove.

It then decided that by Birmingham it would disappear on us as if to say “you are close enough to home, so I will go away now”

Back aboard and heater on to just warm it a little – it was a bit cold but that soon went away.

We had had a great week – just getting away and of course with Sam before she was a off to America – would have been nice if Bec was there as well – the two girls do get along very well and do enjoy to tease their favourite dad and beat him at as many games as possible.

We welcomed back Parisien Star on Sunday, and it seems that we were just a bit too occupied with whatever we were doing at the time but we will believe both Mick and Elly that the reversing into the mooring spot was done perfectly – Well done to you both.

Monday came and it seems that the afternoon tradition of coffee (at 2pm for now) has become entrenched with everyone – the subject mentioned related to being there at 2pm.

And so it was that we numbered about 12 by the time that Manly Ferry came through the entrance – some of us were outside to wave on their return and in not such a long time after that Paul and Elaine had joined us.

Everyone has become very good friends and the conversations flowed with ease.

Some needed to leave earlier than perhaps they really wanted to; others stayed with nothing of any real need that had to be done – finally about 4:30 we called it an afternoon – still with some daylight around.

It really is good to be home!!

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