Monday, 14 January 2013

Cold, Colder, Snow

Friday 11th January to Sunday 13th January 2013

For the past few days the weather has been getting progressively colder; a trip into Stafford was not so bad but follow that with a walk along the towpath into Stone on Saturday, with a cold wind which cut through you and we just knew that this was going to get worse – that and the weather reports were telling us as well.

Even with the heater not on in the boat when we returned from Stone, it was still very warm inside – being out of the wind and the residual heat from earlier in the morning – it was just nice sort of cosy as you entered.

Sunday came and confounded us all – whilst the air was still very cold,the sun was shining through and there was a degree of warmth in it – so much so that there were there were a large number of visitors to the marina as well as quite a number of moorers out and about and enjoying the brief reprieve from the icy conditions.

We had Sunday lunch with Lynn and Phil – they are such very good people – and just before the dessert came out the snow finally arrived – just a little at first but enough to leave a covering on the cars outside (none on the ground) – as we were being driven back to the boat it started to come down a bit heavier.

When we were back at the  boat it was a covering on the ground and the boats – enough to get a few snowballs off in Diane’s direction.

During the night we managed to get a few pictures of the heavy covering that had been left.

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