Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Touring and Touristing

Sunday 30th December 2012 to Friday 4th January 2013

When is a holiday not a holiday – when you keep on working after going away.

At the moment I am finely balancing working, touring and being the tourist – fortunately rising early in the morning and having customers on holiday in Australia means that I can adjust the timing of the hours that I work to suit what Diane and Sam would like to do this week.

We have been able to get around a bit this week despite the weather – plenty of rain and plenty of windy wintry conditions, but it does make going inside for a coffee or meal just that little bit more comforting – from the cold into the warmth is one of those feelings of which there should be more.

We have managed to fit in Boscatle, which Diane assures me we have visited before (back in 2000) but which I cannot remember – must be the continuing onset of older age causing her to make me forget.

We had every intention of going to Tintagel but given how open it is and the driving rain we quite correctly called a miss on this one – instead we drove further on to Padstowe, by which time the fickle weather had once again changed to give some sprinkling of sunshine.

Lunch by the harbour was excellent and then had a bit of a stroll around – we hadn’t been here before and the girls couldn’t find anything to spend their money on – a bit of a win from my point of view.

We had been doing a bit of travelling around and also lazing a bit, just relaxing – well at least two of them were relaxing – I still needed to get some work done – what started off as being a week on leave has sort of developed into a week of checking emails and getting the urgent stuff done and then to just a normal working week of doing things during the middle part of the day and work at ether end; but it has been a good week for all of us – Sam has finally cleared out the jet lag.

A trip to Launceston (pronounced Lonston) was announced, so that the driver could be prepared. It did not resemble the memories of the place that we had visited back in 2000 – somehow it seemed much much bigger – this time we managed to see the castle and a great deal more.

The weather had been and continued to be of the low cloud variety without any precipitation, but it was always threatening.

Thursday arrived and Sam was to leave for London so we were up early to make sure that we would be ready to leave on time and get her to Exeter for the train – reports of the line to London being washed away in recent flooding were slightly exaggerated – the trains were all OK and so very soon she was off and away – next time we see her will be in Orlando sometime further on in the year.

We managed to do a bit of wandering around Exeter – we haven’t been here since 2000 – so about 12 years – this time we thought we might do the underground passages – they were built over 600 years ago to allow water supply into the city from a spring outside the city walls.

Made the booking; arrived on time; went through the reception area; saw the video; health and safety check – we hadn’t anticipated the effect of the crouched walking position on Diane and her cold (which has come along quite nicely) – she needed to extricate herself and I needed to make sure that she was OK.

Maybe another time we will get to do it all – from the little we saw it is worth the effort.

Once out and OK to rest a bit she was OK and back to normal.

Friday was deemed to be a rest day – Diane needed it for her cold and I took the chance to continue with work as well as waiting on her needs.

photos to come

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