Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A lovely day for an extra walk

Sunday 20th January to Wednesday 23rd January 2013

We had a lovely lunch at The Three Crowns on Sunday and took the opportunity to book dinner for Valentine’s Day – the menu looked much too inviting and the price was inviting as well – so we are looking forward to that.

As the seven vertically-challenged underground workers would say “I owe, I owe, so it’s off to work I go” – and three more days now under the belt.

Diane needed to head off to the dentist in the morning – her temporary filling was causing her some grief and she was able to get an appointment. The end result was a little better but still painful. But special thanks to Roly for giving her a lift into Stone and back again - but I want that 20 quid back, it was on the basis that it was a one-way trip.

The Monday coffee afternoon get together came around again and another very enjoyable time was had by all – we did however end it with a bit of an impromptu snowball fight – I blame Diane for starting it, she was surreptitiously making one almost out of my sight – I knew it would be heading my way unless I was able to strike first – with skill and a bit of luck one hit so that there was enough snow trickling down her back – not very comfortable. 

Not much has happened in the last few days except that we headed off to pick up a few staples from the supermarket; a birthday card that I had written and had ready (almost to post) was being readied for posting – the conversation went a bit like this - with me standing outside the boat,

Diane said “ this is the last stamp that we have” as she put it on the envelope.

“We will need to buy some more” I replied

“Will we post it on the way?” she said

“Certainly” I answered

I waited as she readied herself to come out of the boat; coat was put on; she got the boots on; gloves, hat on – check!

Lock the back door and close the outer doors – at last she had exited from the boat – by this time both Banjo and I were getting colder – but off we go – 10 minutes after starting to go.

We had gone about 300 metres along the way when Diane says “Did you bring the card?”

“No, you were the last one with it inside whilst I was waiting”

“oops – it’s still there. 

I am all for a bit of extra exercise so I was off back to the boat to fetch it – the memory is going – I should have asked about it sooner.

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