Monday, 19 November 2012

Calm before the storm

Monday 19th November 2012

After a pretty decent sort of day on Sunday, Monday did start off in a pretty spectacular manner, but the colour of the sky, the cold of the wind and the feel in the air provided an ominous sign of what we could expect for the rest of the day – it didn’t appear to be one of great excitement.

Beauty in the colours but beware of it in the morning

Luckily the rain held off, but the cold and the wind persisted and to tell the truth, the flu that I have at the moment didn’t help one little bit.

On top of that it was back to work day and the waiting deluge of emails was the last thing that anyone needed.

Anyway somehow I have struggled through it all and Diane has invoked all of those great skills that made her a very very good nurse – I am still alive and her repeated calls to increase the insurance policy have been in vain so far – it may still be early days yet.

Monday has become cake and coffee afternoon – a group get together – bring your own coffee, tea or other drink and cake(s) will magically appear. Andy and Jean (nb Josephine) were missing today – grandchild minding duties for this week, but Gill (nb Shoehorn), Elaine (nb Caxton alias Manly Ferry) and Elly and Mick (nb Parisien Star) were all there – Mick was coerced (or maybe threatened) to make an appearance.

The numbers will continue to grow.

The essence of this week appears to be fixing problems and a lot of internal works taking place, so we are all hoping that by week’s end it will be a long way further progressed.
Diane has commenced the process of clearing the kitchen and lounge of non-essential items; the bath has become a temporary storage area; and the dog still has his bed inside the boat – for how long will depend on how much he whimpers and whines – all readying for the great kitchen upheaval.

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