Monday, 26 November 2012

From high and dry to High and Cry(ing)

Monday 26th November 2012

Fortunately the overnight water levels had started to fall – by 6am they had dropped almost 30cm – but this also produced a couple of headaches.

When I went out to do a check on boats I met Phil and he had already done a run through at 5am and moved a few forward so that buttons were not over the pontoon, but now, about 1½ hours later there were two boats with the back button firmly on the pontoon and between us we could not move them.

Solution: Andy Webb and the guys came down – one was a little easier and five guys were able to push it off – the second needed a couple of heavier ones on the front of the boat to force the back up and then it seemed to just slide off without too much problem.

Steps were then taken to prevent them coming back to the pontoon.

A nice wakening for the morning!!

Breakfast out of the way; we just needed to wait for the expected delivery – not long after 9am it arrived – but wait – no worktop in the truck – the only thing we needed and it wasn’t there.

Mike carried on with some other work that could be done (needed to be done but not necessarily straight away).

Meantime I was on the phone – two tops were in stock but both were damaged – too much to be used – the next delivery – 29th November if they could get one– you must be joking – a later phone call confirmed a delivery now to be Saturday 1st December.

Mike had carried on with the pantry; I was stewing on not being able to get the worktop – I arranged with Andy (nb Josephine) for a trip to Stoke to return a couple of ends which I had ordered incorrectly – would also give me a chance to verify that I was getting the right story.

A short drive and short time later we were discussing the predicament with one of the B&Q people – he showed us the worktops in question – they were correct – could not be used – we couldn’t even salvage the two parts that we needed from these two top – just too much damage.

Andy then had a brainwave – did they have a section of worktop that they could not use and would be throwing out? – in the trolley was a 160 cm section to be discarded – could we take it until the proper delivery arrive? – yes, not a problem – at least we could create the worktop and fit the sink and hob so that they could be used until the new one arrived.

With this and the new ends that we purchased we squeezed them into the car which was smaller than they were and made it back.

End result is that Mike was able to create the finished worktop with the hob and sink in place – albeit this will be discarded in a week or so, but at least we could cook again and wash the dishes.

still some work to be done but taking shape

Mondays are coffee club days and at 3pm there was an assembly gathering – Andy and Jean followed by Jo (a new comer) and then Diane and I, Elly and Mick, and coming down the path were Jill and Malcolm (not dead yet) and also Jim and Joan (recent arrivals to the marina) and a bit later was Elaine – including Mike who came up we were 13 in total and the cakes displayed on the table were enough to feed a small army or a small African nation.

Huddled around a table in one of the cedar huts the initial cold became progressively warmer and we were very comfortable both temperature wise and with each others company – plenty of joking and stories to tell.

We may need to move to the larger hut next week – especially if Diane continues with her recruiting efforts during the week.

A day starting with some headaches and problems eventually leading to suitable outcomes (some solved and some temporary resolutions) ending with laughter and jocularity is indeed the right way around.

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