Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cometh the cold!!

Wednesday 28th November 2012 to Thursday 29th November 2012

Diane wanted to get some shopping and lunch in Stone – on our way we were talking about the Farmer’s Market on this coming Saturday – should give Phil and Lyn a call to see if they would be in the town and maybe organise lunch with them.

We wandered down to the Italian restaurant by the Star Lock and who should be locking through but nb Valentine with Lyn and Phil looking very well – they were on their way down to the marina for a diesel fill and get a look at the kitchen progress – you cannot go anywhere secretly without being found.

So they moored up below the lock and we all enjoyed a lovely lunch together, after which we travelled back to the marina with them – Phil and I looking after the diesel fill whilst the girls were off to view the kitchen.

By the time I had got back to the boat I walked in and stopped dead as I saw the starboard side cabinets had been assembled and in place.

We now had a perfect idea of how the space would be occupied and how we would manage in the newly bounded space.
a lot more room to walk through from the kitchen to the lounge

almost there - new cabinets on the right but no worktop and
new cabinets on the left with the makeshift worktop.

probably a better view and with less mess showing

It was looking absolutely fantastic and the cabinet for the pantry was essentially finished with the wine rack at the back.

We said goodbye to Lyn and Phil as they commenced their return journey and returned back inside for one final positioning of the newly formed cabinets.

There was a reasonable amount of the left a bit and right a bit advisement coming from the management. There was also a likely-not-to-end suggestion from her about making sure of the ease of moving the washing machine out of its cubby hole whilst the cabinets were moved back a bit – in the end it was just easier to give in and do it – she had worn us down.

After that the most important item to be properly positioned was her chair so that it would be able to be fully reclined and fit in the area next to the pantry – it was a case of “it’s about me and my chair” – she was indeed pleased with the result – so all’s well that ends well.

It really has come together quite well but we were all beginning to feel pretty tired – Mike and Diane relaxed to watch Masterchef and left me hard at work at the dinette – but now I am able to see all of the way through to the lounge – unlike 2 weeks ago – it has all changed and for the better.

Wednesday night was particularly cold – the frost was already setting in by about 7pm and in the morning there was a reasonable amount on the pontoons and boats alike.
You didn't need to be outside to know it was cold - it just looked
cold - silhouette of the church spire at sunset

The day was sunny but the air was extremely cold – even a very slight movement of air went straight through anything you had on.

Diane had a dental appointment in the afternoon, Mike had the cabinet ends to prepare and fix on as well as the extension to the bed; I had plenty of work to do – at least there were a lot of emails to sort through.

The cupboards are looking really good now – just need to wait for the worktop to arrive; the bed extension is progressing quite well and we will get to test it out tonight; and my work has been finished.

During the day we have had a visit from Mick to see about his radio and setting stations into it – he needed some reference point to work from; we have returned the wine to Carol (nb Winton’s Folly) and started to remove and get rid of the rubbish.

We estimate that only about 10% of the material coming out of the original kitchen will need to be dumped – most will be re-used and some will be used as kindling wood for fires.

It seems that Diane’s trip to the dentist was successful – at least for the dentist – he will be able to pay school fees for the kids for the next term at their private school – at least judging by the quote that she was given.

Oh well, we will need to get it done so that she will have a mouthful of correctly fitting teeth – how else will she be able to nag me – errr I mean advise me what I should be doing.

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