Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pantry party time for a wine

Tuesday 27th November 2012

The weather today has been very much colder than the past few – the wind was biting and went straight through, so it was going to be an indoor day – glad I had plenty of work to do in front of the computer.

Mike was busy with the outer wall of the pantry – it need to be in two parts as the wood we had been re-using was not wide enough – it also meant shaping one side to the wall of the boat and as anyone knows this is not a straight up and down – the fit has come out being almost exact to the wall – really do love the way it looks – but it isn’t in place yet.
one part of the panel for the pantry wall - partially
hiding Mike "the boat elf"

There is a lot of fiddly work involved in this wall – and now we have decided to include a wine rack into the back of it all.

The pantry is 300mm wide and will use a lot of the vertical height but at the back below the gunnels will be a space which will allow us to incorporate at least half a dozen bottles of wine – red of course – we will have to find a place to store the white for Diane (maybe in the engine room).

One of the things that we needed to do this was a wine bottle for the measurements – we had some somewhere in the boat but do you think we could remember where – no way, no how could we find them – the only thing to do was to borrow a wine bottle – preferably a full bottle and where else – ask Carol (nb Winton’s Folly) – always going to be a bottle spare there – only kidding Carol!! – but of course she had one to spare but it was a white.

In the meantime the spice rack and paper towel holder have been put up and being filled.
Spice rack and paper towel roll in place

We also needed some electrical work done to complement the rest of the work – one power outlet set had already been moved, but one other needed to be done; a new set put in and also some lights. There was also a little matter of a buzzing in the switch box for the boat’s engine.

Clive Penny duly arrived and as any good tradesperson will tell you – “Of course it can be done” – well done Clive – Diane was pleased with that response.

He will be back on Monday to take care of all of the work – Mike is away that day so they won’t be in each other’s way.

The switch box noise seems to be a problem associated with one of the alternator’s and Clive will investigate to see exactly what it is and rectify.

There are some bits and pieces that Mike will need to finish off little parts of the job – so we will be off to source these tomorrow.

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