Friday, 16 November 2012

Always trust the Navigator (maybe)!

Wednesday 14th November to Friday 16th November 2012

 Wishing to see much more of the south-west of Wales we headed off on Wednesday to explore the northern area of this region, but the navigator was busy giving instructions and directions that took us through some very narrow country lanes – all the time assuring me that this was indeed the main road and that there was just a slight detour along the way.

Picture of a Chocoholic - maybe a good name for a book

Slight Detour !!  I don’t think so – there was something about needing to support local business, which I agree with entirely – but in this case is was the support of Pemberton’s Chocolate Shop/Factory – the sweet tooth strikes again.

Back on the road after a short (well longish break for chocolate) we made our way back to the proper main roads and onwards to Cardigan.

The bridge at Cardigan over the river

Further down from the bridge and boats moored in mid-river

Not too difficult to find the main shopping area – travel over the bridge and below the castle and up the hill (one-way street) – found the parking area and the indoor market.

Morning tea at one of the cafes – food and drinks were lovely.

But we still had more to move on to and see so we were off again – this time towards Aberystwyth (that’s about the right spelling – I think!!).

This is a university town and it could easily be seen as such.

The local museum is always worth a visit as it shows so much about life in that area and how the town developed.

The seaside was very lovely indeed – reminded us a bit of Blackpool and also Llandudno – except the sand / grit was charcoal in colour – someone had forgotten the yellow paint.

Her first "pole-dancing" lesson and practice session

A longer view of the foreshore area

The remains of the castle on the headland, where the war memorial was also located was a focal point for many students; other locals and tourists alike – some extremely lovely views of the bay and the harbour inlet.
Part of the remains of the castle at Aberystwyth

View to the northern healand - a cable tram operates to the top
in the warmer months

Every evening thousands of starlings arrive from all points to
participate in a huge fly past

We were a bit late heading back and a quick stop at Tesco’s (Carmarthen) on the way back for a few things, but we were back in time for “she” to be able to see It Takes 2.

With the weather reports indicating that Thursday was going to a better day than Friday we decided that it would be perfect for a trip to St.David’s.

There were no detours past cheese factories, chocolate shops or boiled sweet outlets and we enjoyed the lovely weather along the way – so lovely in fact that we both questioned exactly where we were – was this really Wales in November – should have brought the suntan lotion.

One of the locals looking down on Aberarth - note the sunshine

Visit to the cathedral – such a magnificent structure and with a long long history in this location – a dedication to the patron saint of Wales.

St.David's Cathedral

Surprisingly it was set down in the valley rather than the usual place at the top of the hill, where you see most churches.
down in the vale rather than  a higher vantage point

 A bit more travel – this time to the beach area at Whitesands – to give it a more official “title” – the surf beach. It is fair to say that the king of the waves titles at Bondi Beach and Bell’s Beach are both safe.
"Huge" waves but not one surfer - did they not know what
they were missing out on

It was still however a very sunny day and sitting down in the sun for lunch was such a pleasant experience – rather than sheltering from rain and wind – walking along the wide and sandy beach was an unusual experience for this time of the year.

An idyllic location

Sun, sand , "surf", hills, walking trails - it is all here...

Diane had her little dip in the water – I guess it would have been more special if she had actually taken boots and socks off.

...even the bathing beauty

Friday was very much a stay in and do very little day as the morning mist moved in and only got more dense as the day went on – it is our last day here so consequently it was also laundry day.

Plenty of reading and relaxing – holiday almost over and tomorrow we will be driving back to Stone to pick up the boat.

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