Sunday, 11 November 2012

We're all going on a winter holiday!!!

Thursday 8th November to Sunday 11th November 2012

No travel this week

We changed the throttle control and rudder for four wheels and a steering wheel.

Off to Watford at a little after 8:15am – into Stafford to pick up some floor tiles for the kitchen and the bathroom for the upcoming renovations.

All I can say I that it is so much better being on the boat and only having to travel from the bedroom to the dinette – all of 6-7 feet – to get to work; I could not put up with the traffic and the wasted time moving nowhere – but what the heck, I’m on holiday.

A little bit of motorway and a little bit of A5 seemed quite OK and we stopped off at St.Albans for lunch and a bit of a look around Verulamium – we had been here in 2000 with the kds, but it was a bitter Boxing Day then so this one was much better. The museum was great and informative – even the school kids “around” the place were pretty well behaved.

It had been a long enough day and we were pleased to arrive at the Premier Inn and be able to relax and do nothing.

We caught up with Maggie and Paddy the next morning and made arrangements to go out for dinner later that day; also sorted through a modicum of mail that had arrived for us – not much of any note – save for the medical stuff.
The Clocktower at St.Albans

We had decided to return to St.Albans for a longer look around but we seemed to spend a bit longer than originally planned looking around the cathedral – dating back to 1077 and with incredible architecture and ornamental carvings as well as the stained glass – this ranks up with a few others that we have seen – as I have said before, viewing the churches gives a master class in the history of the area and in this case almost 1000 years of it.
St Albans Abbey

This is the original gateway to the Abbey complex - still in
very good condition after over 600 years

Only downside was the café – not only lost our order but by the time it arrived Diane’s was correct and mine not – lost all desire for food because of it and despite the  waiver of the bill I declined any food.

Dinner was considerably better than lunch and as well as Maggie and Paddy we also had Jessica there – she is such a delight and so very very bright.

In complete reversal of what I would normal do, Saturday morning arrived and even come 8am I was still in bed – just so relaxed and comfortable about not having anything to have to do.

Driving to Wales we broke the trip at Chippenham for lunch and a bit of a look around – especially the markets.

When parking, we waited patiently for the space was cleared by its occupant and then able to move away to allow us in, when another car thought they might try and pinch it – toot of the horn and they vacated it pretty quick smart – saved me having to advise them that they would be wise not to leave the car unattended.
The butter market at Chippenham

One of the favourite taunts that I have at Diane’s expense is the usual description of the weather in Wales – I have to say that there are so many that back this up (beit they are all English) – the approach on the M4 to the border (via the bridge) showed sunshine in abundance, so much that her alongside needed to shield her eyes from it.
The M4 bridge over the Severn Estuary - called
The Second Severn Crossing - notice those ominous
clouds in the near distance

Alas however, approaching the Cardiff turnoff (so a little way into the country) the heavens opened up and I could only just smile smugly – anything more and it would have been a left cross from the passenger side.
It may not be Kansas but if it is raining it must be Wales

The travel time was a good 4 hours plus, but we made it relatively fresh (thanks to the stop).

The resort was quite well set out with individual lodges set upon a hillside and overlooking the water, and other views which are quite spectacular.

Our lodge has all that we need for a week away from it all.
Laugharne Castle

the small bridge over the stream just in front
of the castle

We spent Sunday doing a little bit of touring but not before a shopping trip back into Carmarthen to pick up some things that we would need over the next few days, but we made use of the journey to check out a few things along the way.

We wanted to head down to Tenby to see a National Trust building which was owned by a Tudor Merchant. With our newly received NT cards we wanted to take full advantage of them - these visits are giving us a better understanding of the local history and also an understanding of the manner in which Britain developed.

The Western Gate (now known as the Five Arches) to the town
of Tenby

Tneby and the older part of the town

The Tudor Merchants House

Tenby was a walled town on the seaside and part of the wall remains as well as many other buildings including the one we were visiting.

Tenby is a seaport but much better when the tide is in

Church at Tenby

Fishing boat on its way out from the harbour at Milford Haven

Milford Haven harbour

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